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Workforce Consulting

The workforce consulting division at TRS Craft specializes in leveraging opportunities within our customers’ business environments. From complete business assessments to informational assistance, TRS optimizes efficiencies and savings through our multi-faceted offerings. Our workforce consulting expertise range from process assessments to legislative compliance assessments and include multiple options to progress our customers’ current state.

Successful businesses should have a clear overview of the outcome they desire to accelerate business strategy. In an increasingly uncertain, complex and competitive industry it is imperative to know the capabilities and organizational culture required to deliver a successful business strategy.

TRS will create an impactful workforce strategy by understanding global workforce trends within the engineering sector that shape the way your business runs.  At TRS we have teams of experts who provide insight into local markets and legislation. Based on these powerful insights we can deliver a measurable action plan to accelerate growth through aligning workforce and business strategies.

Workforce consulting is a collaborative service, working alongside your team to identify the best working models and people practices allowing us to close any gaps in your ability to fulfill your strategy. We provide key criteria on personnel improvement and development within your organization to accelerate individual potential.

The workforce consulting plan is reviewed on an on-going basis to ensure your business goals are being met. At any point, amends to the strategy can be made to accommodate any business changes.

What will your organization gain from our Workforce Consulting service?

•    Workforce strategies - Strategic workplace planning is part of high performing companies annual and multi-year business planning process
•    Hiring strategies - Having a strategic workforce plan will help highlight talent shortages, which can be addressed at an early stage through recruitment or training and development
•    Development strategies - A workforce plan will help identify skill gaps and provide suggestions for training and development, allowing the business to retain critical personnel

Our aim is to become a part of your business and work with you to fulfill your contract and temporary staffing needs. For further information and to discuss how workforce consulting could benefit your business please contact your regional branch here >>