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SHEQ Manager - Environmental

Africa, Nairobi
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Job Title: SHEQ Manager - Environmental
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Contract/ Perm: Contract
Discipline: Construction
Stakeholder Management:
• To ensure that stakeholders are well informed at all times and to establish a free flow of information
• Managing relationships with SHEQ Department, Business Unit Department Personnel, Stores, Shipping Department, Shared Services, Customers, Suppliers and Finance Department
Project Process :
• To ensure that the Project are running smooth at all times and that all Safety aspects are in place
• Receive Client requirements after Tender has been awarded to Company
• Compile files with necessary Environmental Information
• Discuss Environmental aspects of the Project with Client when required
• Submit files to Project Engineer for review and when requested
• To ensure that Audits on site are done accurately and on time and follow-up on non-conformances
• Planning which sites to audit according to Audit Schedule for the month (Planning meeting)
• Audit the site
• Report on audit and send to Project Engineer and Site Manager / Supervisor & Business Unit Manager
• Allocate numbers to Non-conformances and submit to Project Engineer and Site Manager / Supervisor
• Capture Audit report and Non-conformance on SHEQ Management Systems
• Verification must be done before Non-conformance is being closed out
• Close Non-conformances on Non-conformance Register
• Audit Sub-Contractors on site
• Report on Sub-Contractors Audit
• Submit Reports to Project Engineer
• Keep record of Environmental Accidents and Incidents
• To attend all necessary Meetings and to present accurate Safety Information
• Present Environmental issues monthly at Safety meeting
• Present Environmental information on the Quality System at Management Review meetings annually
• Present Environmental highlights / issues at the SHEQ Meetings weekly
• Present Environmental requirements at Project meeting when necessary on an Ad-hoc basis
• Attend external meetings with clients regarding Environmental requirements after the Tender process
Compensation Commissioner Documentation:
To ensure Compensation Commissioner Documentation are in place and that Payments are made accurately on time
• Compile reports for COID when necessary
• Claim money back when Criteria is met
• Ensure COID pay Medical Service Providers
• Keep record of all Accidents
To ensure that Sub-contractor files are updated regularly
• Check Environmental aspects in Safety files before the Project starts
• Evaluate Safety files regular
• Report on all Sub-contractor issues
• Submit Sub-contractor files to Project Engineers
• Update Legal register:
To ensure that Legal Registers are updated and maintained regularly
• Update system on Law changes
• Leadership:
To ensure that Staff are managed effectively and efficiently to reach Targets
• Attract, develop and retain top Talent
• Ensure regular Performance discussions with Staff
• Develop Staff members
• Coaching / Mentoring
• Provide guidance and advice
Communication to internal customers:
To ensure a high level of accuracy and integrity of Environmental Information
• Provide SHEQ Department, Project Engineers, Tender coordinators, Business Unit Managers, Site Supervisors and Site Safety Officers with accurate Environmental Information, to enable the deliverance of accurate information and high quality projects
Communication to external customers:
To ensure a high level of accuracy and integrity of Environmental Information
• Provide External Customers, Clients and Suppliers with accurate Environmental Information and high quality service (COID, Lexis Nexus, Sub-Contractors, etc.)
Cost effectiveness:
To contribute towards the financial health of the company
• Eli

South Africa
Matt Daubermann
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