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JOB DESCRIPTION – HSE MANAGER > 10 years relevant experience

Job Mission Responds reports and advises directly to the Project Manager for all matters regarding Health & Safety of the project, together with the Emergency and Rescue management issues. He monitors the compliance of contractual H & S requirements and the implementation of the Project H & S Plan and reports the results to PM.
Job Responsibilities • Scheduling and organizing the “H & S Committee” meetings and taking care of its decisions implementation and follow up
• Inform the workforce of the decisions of the “H & S Committee”
• Coordinating all of the H & S activities;
• Performing H & S Analysis;
• Drawing up and implementing the H & S Plan;
• Individuating and assessing work related risks for HS&E;
• Monitoring the Health & Safety issues related to all the activities carried out at Site;
• Giving H & S induction to all new employees;
• Advising the concerned departments in planning & organizing measures necessary for the effective prevention of personal injuries;
• Identifying and implementing the improvements in plants, equipment and processes to improve sound H & S conditions site;
• Checking and evaluating the effectiveness of the actions taken or proposed to be taken to prevent personal injuries;
• Carrying out site H & S Inspections in order to observe the physical conditions of work & work practices and procedures implemented by workers, and to advise on measures to be adopted to remove the unsafe physical conditions and prevent unsafe behaviour by workers;
• Rendering advice on matters related to reports and investigations on site accidents;
• Investigating accidents and near misses to suggest remedies to the Management;
• Maintaining records, as the necessary relating to first aid, accidents, dangerous occurrences and occupational diseases;
• Conducting H & S audits and organizing management H & S Meetings and implementing its recommendations, auditing sub-contractors HS management system;
• Maintaining emergency preparedness and initiating Emergency response, assisting in rescue and evacuation drills;
• Processing accident statistics, monthly H & S statistics, reports &H & S schedule;
• Assessing risks for critical activities;
• Identifying the preventive / protective measures to face up the above mentioned risks
• Issuing a Permit To Work management system;
• Conducting H & S Audits, organizing management H & S Meetings and implementing the consequent recommendations, auditing main RDE’s and subcontractors’ H & S Management system;
• Informing the workers about the risks present at site, the preventive and protective measures adopted;
• Training the workers on the actions that shall be taken in case of accident or in case of immediate danger;
• Implementing Accident, Near misses reporting and investigation system;
• Investigating accidents, near miss accidents and dangerous occurrences and suggesting remedies to the Management;
• Maintaining such records, as the necessary related to first aid, accidents, dangerous occurrences and industrial diseases;
• Organizing the Emergencies Response System with external organizations, such as Governmental firefighting brigade and hospital;
• Managing the Emergencies Response System together with the above said organizations;
• Coordinating, together with Firefighting Brigades, the necessary training for firefighting and rescue team;
• Coordinating, together with Firefighting Brigades, the periodical Emergency drills;
• Coordinating, together with Site Doctor/head nurse, the necessary training for First Aiders and Rescue Team Officers,
• Periodically training of workers on evacuation procedure;
• Maintaining emergency preparedness and initiate Emergency response.
• Provides feedback from the H & S Section Team and Employees to the PM in the process of revision of H & S Policy and H & SMS.
• Communicates the H & S Policy to the H & S Section Team and ensures that the policy is communicated to all sections.
• Ensures that H & SMS follows H & S Policy, by continual suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.
• Ensures that the H & SMS requirements are established, implemented and maintained
• Ensures that internal H & S audits are carried out and corrective actions are implemented timely.
• Conducts (at least) monthly H & S meeting.
• Initiates H & SMS review, taking into account any new activities conducted in the project.
• Reports on the performance of the H & SMS to top management for H & SMS review and as a basis for improvement of the H & SMS.



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