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100,000 tonnes of waste ash could be saved from entering landfill each year due to progressive research into a sustainable initiative set to have a positive effect on the construction industry.

The development of engineering has dramatically changed the world around us, changing the way we work and live. A range of new careers are now prominent across the globe, that a short time ago never existed - we look at engineering jobs that didn’t exist 30 years ago.


Offshore Wind Farm Engineer

With a higher demand for construction projects across the globe, the traditional competitive nature of construction methods mean that increasingly challenging deadlines are set. Modern engineering companies are initiating the use of off-site construction, associated with the planning design, production and assembly of a project. It is a method deemed to reduce cost, increase reliability in meeting deadlines as well as improving overall safety on site. Can we expect this alternative construction method to rise in popularity across the globe?

US construction technologies firm Icon has demonstrated the 24-hour production of a single storey house through the method of 3D printing.

A 650 square foot home in Texas was revealed after being built using a 3D printer. This machinery can build structures by releasing layers of specially formulated concrete. “Vulcan”, the 3D printer developed by Icon, releases concrete out of a nozzle following a preprogrammed pattern. The layers slowly build up to form a basic house structure. After this, the structure of the home is finished through manually inserting doors and windows etc.

Engineers developing a low-maintenance and low-carbon bridge in the UK are using inspiration from the anatomy of the human spine.

The TRS Canada team is providing staffing solutions for parts of the New Champlain Bridge project, which will replace the existing six-lane Champlain Bridge, linking the Montréal borough of Verdun to Brossard, across the Saint Lawrence River. After five decades, the existing bridge, one of North America’s busiest, with 50 million vehicles crossing each year, was nearing the end of its lifetime. The new bridge will serve as a vital transport link in the area for the next 125 years.

You’ll probably be familiar with drones. These days you can easily buy them yourself in shops or online and control them with a tablet or smartphone. However, technically these aren’t ‘drones’, which refers specifically to unmanned and autonomous vehicles, flying independently of human control. Drone is often used as a catch phrase for any unmanned vehicle, however big or small, regardless of how it’s controlled. What we’re really talking about here is Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Small, lightweight UAVs fitted with cameras and operated by a person on the ground.