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The upcoming Engineering Jobs fair in Grangemouth this week will see a number of opportunities for upcoming projects for roles such as:-



MCPlus Engineers, Administrators, Leads

Civil Structural Superintendents

Senior oil and gas professionals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have recorded elevated enthusiasm about the future of the industry in 2019. This has been revealed in a recent survey by DNV GL  - the technical adviser to the oil and gas industry.

With the Irish job market up 7% in the Fourth quarter of 2018 year on year, we look at how the Irish employment market is predicted to produce new opportunities for those seeking new roles.

BHP has begun the preparation for its $5 billion investment South Flank project in Pilbara. The removal of approximately 8.9 million tonnes of material for a 40 million tonne a year crusher installation has many in awe. See the footage of the first blast here. 

This month we are looking at living and working in Charleston and the tristate area, South Carolina.

A range of industries, including automotive applications, could be benefitted by a newly developed way to control how liquids dry on surfaces.

Researchers have published findings in the journal Nature Communications, which explores the way in which watermarks remain on solid surfaces and how to reduce their shape and size. Watermarks have been resoundingly uncontrollable, the shape and location of droplets whilst evaporating are unpredictable.

US construction technologies firm Icon has demonstrated the 24-hour production of a single storey house through the method of 3D printing.

A 650 square foot home in Texas was revealed after being built using a 3D printer. This machinery can build structures by releasing layers of specially formulated concrete. “Vulcan”, the 3D printer developed by Icon, releases concrete out of a nozzle following a preprogrammed pattern. The layers slowly build up to form a basic house structure. After this, the structure of the home is finished through manually inserting doors and windows etc.

Finding a new job can be a daunting task for anyone. Luckily, however, as an engineer your task is a bit easier. Engineers are in demand in many countries across the world. Even so, it never hurts to take on some advice. Here are some ideas to help you with your job hunt.