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Every successful organisation knows that having the right personnel in place is key. At TRS, we understand that it’s not always easy to attract the right candidates to fill crucial positions within your company, which is why we run a Permanent Recruitment Service. Based on our knowledge and extensive experience of recruiting for specialist roles, we can work with you to help determine, attract and recruit the talent you require to fulfill your business goals.

TRS are thrilled to be included in the Staffing Industry Analyst’s (SIA) Largest Global Staffing Firms 2018 list!

The report features the top 100 staffing and recruitment firms ranked by their revenue, which this year have a combined turnover of $203 billion in 2017. According to the SIA report, forty-six staffing firms on the list are headquartered in the EMEA, while 39 are headquartered in North America and 15 in Asia.

BHP has begun the preparation for its $5 billion investment South Flank project in Pilbara. The removal of approximately 8.9 million tonnes of material for a 40 million tonne a year crusher installation has many in awe. See the footage of the first blast here. 

Applying for job vacancies can be difficult to maneuver; most of this difficulty, however, can be relieved with a presentation of professionalism on your online profile. 

This month we are looking at living and working in Charleston and the tristate area, South Carolina.

Why Outsource your Statement of Work?

At TRS, we understand that dealing with contracts, suppliers, and delivery of work can be an arduous and time-consuming process. That’s why we offer a Statement of Work (SOW) Management Service, with the goal of eliminating risk and maximising returns by contractually defining project scope, objective, timelines, and deliverables.

Engineers developing a low-maintenance and low-carbon bridge in the UK are using inspiration from the anatomy of the human spine.

Sometimes when securing a new job, it can be beneficial to move closer to the surrounding area. This can cause stress and anxiousness when deciding if this would be a cost-effective move. At TRS we pride ourselves on ensuring recruitment needs are met, whilst recommending employees who will have a strong understanding of the predicted quality of life based on costs, location and transport times. To help make moving decisions a little easier, here are estimations of the cost of living in Vancouver, Canada.


A large solar power project is set to take place at an offshore seaweed farm in the North Sea, which aims to pipe energy to the Dutch mainland in roughly three years.

Energy providers, scientists, and researchers plan to operate 2,500 square meters of floating solar panels by 2021, following an initial pilot next year. The pilot will receive 1.2 million euros in government funding and will operate 30 square meters of panels from this summer. All variables will be tested and monitored including equipment, weather conditions, environmental impact, and energy output.


Mining in Western Australia is set to launch an Emergency Management code of practice after the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety released its final version.

The code serves as a practical guide on emergency management systems in both surface and underground mines, as well as quarries. This assists in personnel knowledge in responding to a crisis and incorporates aspects from emergency response teams, trainers, industry, and workers into its final version.