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The upcoming Engineering Jobs fair in Grangemouth this week will see a number of opportunities for upcoming projects for roles such as:-



MCPlus Engineers, Administrators, Leads

Civil Structural Superintendents

With the Irish job market up 7% in the Fourth quarter of 2018 year on year, we look at how the Irish employment market is predicted to produce new opportunities for those seeking new roles.

Sometimes when securing a new job, it can be beneficial to commute or even to move closer to the surrounding area. At TRS we pride ourselves on ensuring recruitment needs are met, whilst recommending employees who will have a strong understanding of the predicted quality of life based on costs, location and transport times. To help make moving decisions a little easier, here are estimations of the cost of living in Madrid, Spain.

As a job seeker, owning a comprehensive, well-written CV and a number of cover letters which you can adapt for any role or company is essential. However, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, or aren’t using it effectively, you may be missing out on opportunities to find job vacancies and impress potential employers. LinkedIn functions as both an online résumé and a powerful professional networking tool. In addition, LinkedIn is growing in importance in the world of online recruitment and job searching.