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You may have heard of the concept of Industry 4.0 – if not this is otherwise known as the new age industrial revolution. It is a prediction that the manufacturing industry is set to replace workers with modern technology across many sectors. TRS, a supplier of manufacturing staffing services has researched and reviewed the current engineering climate – with its future.

It’s a widely accepted fact that, if we’re to meet the target of limiting global temperature to within a 2°C increase from pre-industrial times, we all need to dramatically curb our reliance on fossil fuels. Road transportation generates a large proportion of the world’s greenhouse gases, and it’s also a major source of pollution which in turn harms human health. Electric cars seem like a great alternative, however, there’s a problem which has been preventing their mass adoption: the technology is simply too expensive for mass consumption.

Following on from our previous article, where we discussed the 3D printing of a jet engine at Monash University, we wanted to focus on another key area where 3D printing is making a difference.  

According to this article in The Engineer, the most well-known use of the technology is producing the products themselves. However, for many manufacturers, one of the most useful aspects of the technology is to use it as part of the manufacturing process.