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BHP has begun the preparation for its $5 billion investment South Flank project in Pilbara. The removal of approximately 8.9 million tonnes of material for a 40 million tonne a year crusher installation has many in awe. See the footage of the first blast here. 

Mining in Western Australia has risen in economic and recruitment possibilities throughout the past year. With ever-expanding mining projects throughout this area, it is clear to see an attraction for those perusing a mining career. We take a look at how mining in Western Australia has affected the economy on a global scale, as well as the recruitment potential in mining jobs WA.


Mining in Western Australia is set to launch an Emergency Management code of practice after the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety released its final version.

The code serves as a practical guide on emergency management systems in both surface and underground mines, as well as quarries. This assists in personnel knowledge in responding to a crisis and incorporates aspects from emergency response teams, trainers, industry, and workers into its final version.