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Environmental impact is increasingly important to many in all aspects of life – in particular, the concept of aviation sustainability. Sustainable aviation fuel is set to become a near reality, as companies begin to invest in production methods.

The development of engineering has dramatically changed the world around us, changing the way we work and live. A range of new careers are now prominent across the globe, that a short time ago never existed - we look at engineering jobs that didn’t exist 30 years ago.


Offshore Wind Farm Engineer

A new research development has promoted the potential to improve battery performance and charging speed of lithium-ion batteries. The applications of these energy stores are used across a range of consumer electronics, solar grid storage, and electric vehicles.

TRS are thrilled to be partnering with the Aura skills summit on the 30th May 2019.

Is the ‘Plastic Road’ an innovative way to reduce plastic pollution?

Over the past five years, renewable energy has seen a dramatic uptick in popularity around the world. From the massive new solar farms in India to the off-shore windfarms being launched off the coast of Scotland, the world is tapping into the potential that renewables hold in an unprecedented way.