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Bringing Talent to your Workforce

Bringing Talent to your Workforce

Sunday Dec 10, 2017

In today’s ever-evolving recruitment landscape, it’s important to understand where to find quality candidates. TRS’ Talent Mapping Service pinpoints these candidates through focused research and by utilising strategic tools, in order to identify a target population of both active and passive candidates.

We work with you closely to firstly help you identify your workforce needs, and then carry out the necessary research to fill these gaps in your organisation.               

What does our Talent Mapping Service offer you?

Our Talent Mapping Service provides you with a bespoke report which determines your target candidate population – this population may be for a certain geographical location and/or particular job discipline. For example, you might want to find Mechanical Engineers in London, England. The report that we produce for you is a result of research which focuses on a number of search mechanisms, such as the most current and relevant social media platforms.

Fundamentally, talent mapping is a strategic tool that aids HR specialists to plan for long term talent acquisition. This is achieved through TRS’ strategy of collecting on-going research and intelligence about other organisations, as well as talent within the industry.

The benefits of talent mapping for your organisation

Understand your future needs

Talent mapping can be hugely beneficial by determining what your growth path is, and then working towards this through identifying the skills, expertise and education your team needs to make this happen. By starting the process this way, it will help you in identifying your future human resources needs. For example, you may need to build your organisation’s capacity to work with certain technologies, and so need to decide where the industry and your company is headed in the future.

Fill in skills gaps

After deciding what your objectives are, it’s important to develop an overall recruitment plan in order to fill the gaps in your organisation. As important aspect of the talent mapping process is coming up with your ideal candidates, and coming up with team member descriptions to guide the future hiring process.

Identify the very best candidates

At the core of talent mapping is the research and business intelligence that goes into sourcing candidates from competitors who could fill important positions within your company. We will work with you to ensure you have a strategy in place to recruit the employees needed to achieve your business goals.

Evaluate your current performance

Talent mapping assesses the readiness and performance of your current workforce against any changes that might take place. A key part of this is finding employees with the highest potential, whose future development aligns with your business goals. 

How is TRS well positioned to help you with talent mapping?

By utilising the expertise and resources available to us, TRS are in a unique position to help you identify competitor architectures, roles and responsibilities and can secure essential information about candidates within other companies, understanding their experience, skills, academic background and successes.

Within our research, we can identify whether a candidate would consider a move to join your organisation, as well as the factors that would influence such a move. The information is built up over a period of time and includes comprehensive research reports on talent pools, and long-term talent acquisition strategies.

For more information on how we can bring talent to your workforce, visit our Talent Mapping page. Alternatively, you can contact your regional branch here to discuss your business requirements.

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