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The economic impact of two manufacturing giants on Greenville, South Carolina

The economic impact of two manufacturing giants on Greenville, South Carolina

Tuesday Nov 1, 2016

Over the years, Greenville has become a hub of advanced manufacturing, engineering, information technology and other high-growth industries. The US holds the world’s largest manufacturing economy; however, there is a nationwide skills shortage of people qualified to fill job openings in the industry sector. TRS Staffing Solutions, an Engineering Staffing Agency share their insight on the job market and opportunities in Greenville.

Labour markets are still recovering, yet industrial growth in the Upstate has continued to increase that it’s visibly changing the landscape and the economy. Economists say that “South Carolina’s economic growth is expected to outpace the nation’s through 2017 and add over 100k jobs by the end of next year”. (Read more here.)

Planning further ahead, there are approximately 100 Science, Technology, Math and Engineering schools (STEM) in South Carolina, ranging from Elementary to High school. The emergence of such specialized schools helps future proof the southeast for the increasing demand for Engineers and skilled trade’s.

Automotive Manufacturing remains the largest industry in South Carolina, which also continues to create a demand for Engineers. According to Colliers International Report, the South Carolina and North Carolina areas are experiencing growth in both, commercial properties and infrastructure. Long term, the outlook is bright especially for the Greenville’s industrial market. Expansion and improvement of South Carolina’s ports and infrastructure, coupled with the expansion of the Panama Canal will continue to attract investment to the Upstate. In addition, rental rates, occupancy and employment are all continuing to increase. Consequently, we have seen an increase demand particularly in Project Engineers, Cost Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Civil Engineers.  Register with us here to show your interest.

Greenville has experienced renaissance in the past two decades by taking advantage of the region’s growth in manufacturing and construction as there is many new buildings and restaurants around the city. More than 2,000 miles from Spartanburg County, construction is being done on the Panama Canal to allow a new, wider channel for international ships to pass through. The project's end goal is to lower the cost of bringing international goods to the East Coast.

Just as two giant employers are seeking hundreds of new workers, South Carolina's job market has become the tightest in the Southeast. Michelin Tire Company was the first major international business to establish its American headquarters in Greenville, and close on its heels was Bavarian automaker BMW. Michelin tires announced that it's building a new manufacturing plant in central Mexico. The company assured in a statement that the new facility would not impact more than 9,000 workers the company employs in South Carolina.  Michelin says it assigned $2.1 billion for capital improvements in South Carolina over the past five years, 75 percent of what it spent in the entire United States over the period.

If you’re an engineer looking for a fresh opportunity in manufacturing or infrastructure, look no further than TRS Staffing Solutions. We’ll help you find a position that best suits you. Subscribe to our Newsletter for more TRS News or contact your local office to discuss further opportunities.

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