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Engineering Jobs that didn’t exist 30 years ago

Engineering Jobs that didn’t exist 30 years ago

Thursday May 30, 2019

The development of engineering has dramatically changed the world around us, changing the way we work and live. A range of new careers are now prominent across the globe, that a short time ago never existed - we look at engineering jobs that didn’t exist 30 years ago.


Offshore Wind Farm Engineer

Wind power has been utilized for thousands of years, but only recently has it progressed to generate energy for modern day living. Offshore wind power is created by constructing wind farms in bodies of water, usually in the ocean, to harvest wind energy in order to generate electricity. Wind turbine technicians are responsible for maintaining these wind farms to keep performance at its optimum level. Due to global interests in renewable energy and environmental impact, jobs in wind power are growing in popularity. Planet Plus explains that “most entrants already have an engineering qualification together with relevant wind farm experience. Although, other industrial experience such as oil and gas, marine or utilities is also considered.”

Drone Operator – Site Inspection

Inspections of various infrastructure and constructions projects are vital no matter the size or location. Unmanned drones are a quick and efficient way to inspect critical areas or structures, offering immediate evaluation and detailing in comparison to physical inspections. Practical applications can include structures that are offshore, Force Technology announce that “Drone inspection makes it possible to access areas of oil and gas constructions that otherwise may pose health, safety and environmental risks in a fast and safe way.” The drone operators can therefore collect vital information to determine the safety of projects, offering detailed reports on air transport, railway engineering, roadworks and much more.

AI Engineer

Manufacturing jobs are continually evolving, offering new employment potential for a variety of skillsets. Artificial Intelligence has enhanced manufacturing processes across the globe, highly skilled engineers are responsible for establishing AI machinery into the factory, as well as maintaining the systems regularly. Systems are commonly used in assembly lines, including software that uses machine learning to detect defects during the production process. This means that consumers are less likely to receive product issues surrounding the manufacturing process – improving public opinion on products as well as improving cost effectiveness.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists have enhanced the engineering sector across multiple disciplines. General practices involved in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are heavily influenced by the discoveries within Data Science. Software is generated based on designing frameworks to identify and solve issues by using recorded data. Daterversity explain that “In the past ten years, Data Science has quietly grown to include businesses and organizations world-wide. It is now being used by governments, geneticists, engineers, and even astronomers.”

Solar photovoltaic Installer

Renewable Energy is of high interest globally, with many working to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. Solar energy has been utilized across decades, and has been reported by Experience to have powered satellites in the USA and Soviet space program during the 195-‘s-60’s. Recently solar technology is popularly taking effect through the implementation of solar panels. Solar farms are on the rise to help reduce energy costs and to be environmentally mindful. Solar photovoltaic installers are vital in modern processes to ensure that every panel is assembled and maintained across rooftops and a variety of other structures to be used at optimal potential.

Security Analyst

The protection of digital infrastructure is especially important to many organizations, hiring security analysts to keep sensitive information secure and improving the company security. Identifying cyber threats to organizations involve analyzing metric and data to help identify any suspicious activity, aiming to reduce risk before it occurs. As more companies utilize digital information, it is vital to maintain secure networks and educate companies on security protocols.

Web Analyst

Marketing strategies made by companies are commonly reported on by Web Analysts. It is now important to many companies to know how consumers experience marketing techniques and refining strategies to match target audience interests. Monitoring visitor behavior to company websites is a section of data that is reported on. Analyzing data from website audiences ensure that organizations can successfully respond to visitor behavior, attempting to target a particular audience and reduce negative experiences.

Sustainability Director

Environmental impact has steadily become a global interest for many reasons. Many seek Sustainability Directors to monitor how companies effect the environment, advocating ways to improve results. Sustainable development goals are used across multiple engineering industries including amongst others infrastructure and manufacturing. The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) have launched a “route map” to guide global engineering industry support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which includes a goal to "build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation"

Clean Car Engineer

The Automotive sector has been in demand for decades, the clean car being a practical concept for just a short time of this. The idea of renewable energy powering vehicles is not new, however its practical applications are now plausible. Clean Car Automotive Engineers are responsible for vehicle design, development, manufacturing, and testing. These are similar expectations to the rest of the automotive sector, except they have extensive knowledge and skills in renewable energy jobs. As demand grows for this product, Clean Car Engineers are in more and more demand.

Site Reliability Engineer

Site Reliability Engineers have been operating since the early 2000’s, providing continual software development to ensure that sites remain running as expected. A Google interview states that “In general, an SRE team is responsible for availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning.” As the need for automation is growing, Site Reliability Engineers assist in the production of various tools to perform a service for companies. This improves time efficiency, meaning that users have quick results to be able to continue with other tasks effectively.


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