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Is Greenville the latest automotive capital of the United States?

Is Greenville the latest automotive capital of the United States?

Friday Nov 14, 2014

TRS Staffing Solutions is known for keeping their finger on the pulse of engineering. We monitor the international market, and keep a watch for the latest and greatest trends for our clients. Greenville in South Carolina is a hotbed for automotive engineering jobs, and has been since picking up power with every year. With our global insights, we can give our clients and engineering job hunters a clear idea of what to expect in markets around the world.

Over the last decade, in excess of $3bn dollars has been invested into the Greenville region by BMW and the other automotive suppliers based there. This has created over 7,000 automotive industry jobs and continues to inspire change. With a large number of Fortune 500 companies opening their corporate headquarters in the area, it’s easy to see why Greenville garners so much attention.

As with other tech-led locations, such as Silicone Valley, Bangalore, or San Francisco, the focus on developing world-leading and cutting edge technology is apparent. Engineers looking for the chance to get a taste of excitement of a start-up culture while remaining close to their passion and skillset should consider jumping into the innovation led business-scape in Greenville.

It’s also important to remember that there’s a lot of home grown talent already in Greenville, as well as the chance to progress with training. Clemson University, BMW, IBM, Microsoft, and Michelin created the International Centre for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR), a shared resource that specialises on the development of automotive technology. The emphasis on pushing engineers to get involved with interesting projects and grow their knowledge, whatever stage of career they’re at. Knowing how to find engineering talent and placing the right person with the right job is part of what makes the TRS recruitment process so useful. We know where to find the brightest engineering candidates and introduce them to the best clients and positions. With in-depth knowledge of locations across the world, we can give insight into work/life balance as well.

Greenville town offers candidates a huge amount and continues to change and grow. A side effect of the world-leading business headquarters popping up (Mitsubishi, BMW, and Michelin for example) has been an influx of restaurants and entertainment options opening in town. The international flair means the diversity that boosts business practice and ideas, also extends to the overall community, making it a very different place to the traditional and picturesque Southern town it used to be. Greenville residents can still enjoy fantastic hiking trails and natural beauty of the area, along the low cost living associated with residing in a small town. Despite being a billion dollar centre for business, Greenville still retains that small town charm.

For more insight into living and working around the world, get in touch with TRS Staffing Solutions. We can offer clients access to an unparalleled talent pool from which to select the best engineering candidates around. With local offices around the globe, our staffing specialists can ensure that you stay competitive in an international market.