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Holiday season tips for your job search

Holiday season tips for your job search

Thursday Dec 1, 2016

Job hunting during the holiday season usually recalls the thought on time spent with families and time to recharge oneself. However, you should reconsider and not only enjoy all the festivities, but also use it for networking and see it as a great time to fuel your job search momentum during a period when many others are stepping out of the market temporarily. Many people think that Christmas means temporarily suspending business but recruitment never stops and there are still business requirements to be met over holiday periods. TRS Staffing Solutions (TRS), global engineering staffing agency shares their top tips on looking for a job during the festive season.

  • Planning ahead: For many businesses, the first months of the New Year are the busiest. Companies wish to enter the year with a driven team to set new goals, business plans and strategies. Office staff will be wrapping up for Christmas towards the end December, so start your job hunt over the Christmas period to be found sooner rather than later  to aid in landing a new job for the New Year.


  • Take time to evaluate your job search: What has been effective so far in your search and what hasn’t? Even if you don’t find your ideal job before Christmas, it is an ideal time to review your CV ready for the New Year; planning ahead is the key. Have you read our top tips on how to craft a winning CV? Reflect your previous interviews and things you could improve. Consider asking your friends or family for a mock interview as you will get straight forward feedback and extra practise. Evaluate your goals and make a strategy how to achieve them.


  • Networking: Attending Christmas events and networking with potential employers or companies. Touch base with your contacts: former colleagues, customers, clients, vendors and other business associates to wish them a Happy Christmas and let them know about your situation. Keep in mind that a social gathering isn’t the time to ask for a job, but if the conversation naturally turns towards work, respond with confidence. There is nothing wrong with having a supply of business cards as it can be a great way of sealing an interaction.


  • Connect with a staffing agency: Registering your CV with recruitment agencies. Find a recruitment agency that specializes in your area and the industry expert, i.e. consultant. They understand the job market and can provide the support you need. At TRS, we offer a complete specialist recruitment service. Our engineering recruitment services are delivered with the support of our global resources across 19 offices worldwide, over 4000 contractors and 250+ qualified vendor/sub-tier agency suppliers. With our global reach, TRS has the resource to match you to the job that suits you. For more details on how to register with TRS click here.


Subscribe to our Newsletter for more TRS News or contact your local office to discuss further opportunities. TRS Staffing Solutions wishes you a merry Christmas and the best of luck in your future career.

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