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How Can TRS Craft Help with the Recruitment of Skilled Labour?

How Can TRS Craft Help with the Recruitment of Skilled Labour?

Friday Mar 10, 2017

Skilled and experienced workers are at the core of growth in many industries, yet it’s currently one of the hardest segments of the workforce to recruit for as we are in the midst of a major skilled labour shortage. TRS Craft is a service that specialises in engineering recruitment and the supply of skilled, semi-skilled and field service talent.  

We explore the advantages of outsourcing craft staffing over in-house crafting, as well as how TRS are able to solve the current issues surrounding the demand for skilled tradesmen.

What are the advantages of outsourcing craft staffing?

  • Proven expertise across many sectors

TRS provide flexible and innovative engineering recruitment solutions to meet your needs. Our recruiters are highly experienced in sourcing craft professionals across a number of sectors including construction, maintenance and manufacturing. We deliver services such as direct hire, contract, managed services including managed service provider (MSP) and vendor management systems, vendor on premise, talent mapping, search and selection, campaign management and payroll management. From an apprentice to a more senior role, we have the understanding to match the skills and knowledge of the candidate to your needs. It is our proven expertise across all of these areas that make us the world’s leading craft recruitment specialist.

  • Global reach

TRS’ global reach reflects many connected local networks. The sheer scale of our operations means we are well placed to support your recruitment needs, whether that may be to support your sub-Saharan projects from our offices in South Africa or to attract fluent Spanish speakers in South America. Our global reach, coupled with our local market focus, ensures that we can accommodate your needs wherever you may be in the world.

  • Quickly assemble a workforce

We have the resources and ability to swiftly recruit and assemble workforces to any project location around the world, and take pride in helping organisations prosper through the talent that we supply. Our flexibility means we are able to source one or two workers if needed, all the way through to hundreds or more craft disciplines. Our unrivalled knowledge in many sectors and job disciplines, as well as our use of the latest recruitment technology and the dedication of our consultants working on your behalf, mean we are able to effectively meet staffing needs.

  • Value where it's needed

Our scale and proven experience add true value to your talent acquisition. For example, our unparalleled ability to search and select the very best candidates gives us a much-needed edge over in-house craft staffing. As a result, we are well aligned to help you develop effective, flexible, and scalable workforces. Each of our specialised recruitment consultants offers an established and continually updated network of contacts.  

What are the existing challenges in recruiting skilled tradesmen?

  • Many skilled tradesmen are nearing retirement

Currently, we are experiencing a major shortage in the skilled trades – for example, welders and electricians – who are so widespread in manufacturing and construction. A large contributing factor to this is the fact that many of these skilled tradesmen are baby boomers, and so are nearing retirement. Part of the issue is that there is fewer people in the generation behind this to fill all the vacancies. With a heavy proportion of the skilled trade being compiled of older workers, namely aged 45 and over, it’s no surprise that there is a gap between the skills that employers require and the ones that available workers possess. 

  • Recovering from the recession

We are still feeling the after effects of a severe recession, in which approximately two million construction workers lost their jobs. Even though the construction industry has shown revival, there is still the shortage of skilled workers within this sector. Instead of waiting for the industry to pick back up, many construction workers took their talents to other sectors or retired if the timing allowed for it. All of this has had an effect on the number of skilled workers that are readily available.

  • Focus on academic rather than vocational routes

These days there seems to be a focus on young people taking academic routes rather than vocational ones. Students are typically prepared for further education, such as attending college or attaining a degree, then learning work-based skills or enrolling on a work-based scheme such as an engineering apprenticeship. Work-based education has taken somewhat of a backseat, and this has had an effect on careers that rely on vocational training.

  • How can TRS tackle these challenges?

TRS have a wide network of contacts to tap into and are not limited by location, as we have access to a global market of talent. In order to revive industries lacking in skilled tradesmen, it is important to attract and retain new workers where there is demand, and this is where TRS’ skills lie. Our network of offices enable us to source and supply skilled and qualified workers all over the world.

Your closest TRS craft staffing office has access to local, regional, and national talent pools, as well as valuable networks of contacts. TRS’ recruitment specialists are able to advise and support you with every aspect of your professional, technical, and engineering recruitment needs.

To find out more about how outsourcing craft staffing can help your business find the skilled talent it needs, visit our TRS Craft page. Alternatively, you can contact your regional branch here to discuss your business requirements.

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