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How do candidates and companies look for the right fit in the engineering industry?

How do candidates and companies look for the right fit in the engineering industry?

Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

Engineering is a fascinating industry to work in. It’s the engineers that are responsible for shaping the world we live in, by designing, creating, testing and improving almost everything around us. At TRS, we are dedicated towards head-hunting the best and most competent engineering talent. With 30 years of experience behind us and an extensive global reach, we are the right recruitment partners for candidates and employers alike.

Our unmatched skills in sectors, such as oil, gas, mining, construction, automotive and manufacturing allows us to stay on top of every new development that takes place in the industry. We are proficient at matching candidate skillsets to the requirement of the job and at making sure that the employer and the recruit are a good fit for each other.  Our global recruitment specialist team will help you find the right candidate for the job and will make the recruitment process an efficient and a hassle-free process.

The customer focus is central to the work we do at TRS. Providing a high-level of successful placements is our key focus area; we tailor our solutions to meet the resourcing needs of our clients. With a global presence and 18 offices located across the world; our team is equipped to provide a service that meets the requirements of the local market with a global perspective.

We specialise in recruiting across a wide range of businesses, such as chemicals, power, industrial, rail, infrastructure, metal and mining. Our vast network allows us to source candidates from the right places and gives us the advantage of recruiting from the best candidate pools. Our in-depth knowledge of the engineering sector helps us to gauge the challenges and allows us to prepare for them in time to meet your resourcing requirements. We provide guidance and invaluable advice through all stages of the selection process; from candidate verification, interview to the placement process. We manage all your recruitment needs at every stage; making the whole process more streamlined and cost-effective.

If you are a candidate who’s looking for the next step up in your career and want to know where to start from, then we can help you. Our consultants will prepare you in the best way possible and will support you at every stage of your selection process. Even if you are looking for an opportunity to work abroad, we have the expertise to help you in your search. Our staff based in key locations around the world can support you with the vital information you need to build your career in the international market.

TRS Staffing Solutions is a major player in the global recruitment industry. We plan ahead and design recruitment strategies that not only boost our clients’ productivity but also allow them to see long-term benefits. Candidates and employers like to work with TRS because we know what works in the engineering industry. Get in touch with us to get expert advice on your resourcing needs.