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Home > News > New Champlain: Bridging Saint Lawrence for the next 125 years

New Champlain: Bridging Saint Lawrence for the next 125 years

New Champlain: Bridging Saint Lawrence for the next 125 years

Wednesday Jun 15, 2016

The TRS Canada team is providing staffing solutions for parts of the New Champlain Bridge project, which will replace the existing six-lane Champlain Bridge, linking the Montréal borough of Verdun to Brossard, across the Saint Lawrence River. After five decades, the existing bridge, one of North America’s busiest, with 50 million vehicles crossing each year, was nearing the end of its lifetime. The new bridge will serve as a vital transport link in the area for the next 125 years.

The project will cost an estimated $4.23bn and is due to be completed by the end of 2018. Thanks to a mild winter, construction is currently well on schedule. The bridge will span a total of 3.4 kilometres across the river from Brossard to Île des Sœurs, and the project will feature a second 470 metre bridge to link the island with the borough of Verdun in southern Montréal. The project will also include the widening of Highway 15 and the improvement of access ramps leading from Highways 132 and 10 on the South Shore to the bridge.

The bridge will not only feature six lanes for road traffic in a like-for-like replacement of the old bridge, but will also feature a two lane corridor to accommodate a planned light railway. Furthermore, there will be pathway for pedestrians and cyclists so everyone can make use of the bridge and enjoy its views over the river. The bridge is being built to the highest standards, including careful environmental monitoring and protection measures. It’s been designed to be an architecturally impressive gateway to Montréal, and will be a cable-stayed bridge supported by an elegant tower.

The bridge is expected to boost economic activity in the area, forming part of a vital trade corridor between Canada and the United States, as well as being a crucial connection between Montréal and its suburbs, and, with a peak of 1000 workers expected to be on site when the project reaches its full extent, it’s providing fantastic opportunities for engineers in Canada.

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