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Home > News > Savannah in Western Australia coughs up huge amounts of nickel deposits

Savannah in Western Australia coughs up huge amounts of nickel deposits

Savannah in Western Australia coughs up huge amounts of nickel deposits

Friday Feb 21, 2014

New sites and mining pits are being dug up in Queensland and Western Australia every day. The Savannah mining site in western part of Australia has recently been explored further and the results from this exaction brought positive news to all those involved in this project. After a fairly average performance in 2012, this huge site has shown new promise and yielded valuable nickel resources.

Panoramic Resources is an Australian mining company that has a vested interest in the Savannah project and have been mining nickel sulphide mines for a considerable amount of time. Their research suggests that this mining site has a long-range focus and in order to develop its full potential, an ambitious deep drilling program will be deployed and the operations are expected to extend past 2017.

Peter Harold, the General Manager at Panoramic Resources, said: “The geologists are very confident that there’s a continuation of the orebody. Drilling is expected to continue over the next 12 months and generate news on the mine’s best hope for adding to its 3.5-year supply of nickel reserves (about 37,900t).”

This expansion plan is designed to leverage existing resources, such as the power station, mill, village, equipment and logistical infrastructure at Savannah to make the mine a lucrative asset. Harold also commented that there is a fair amount of work involved and the drilling is very important to establish the long-term potential of this site.

Expansion efforts are also being extended to the nearby Panton property which holds 14.3 million tonnes of gold and palladium. Panton is planned to be an open pit converting to an underground to make optimal use of synergies with the Savannah equipment and infrastructure. By harnessing the potential of both these two sites, Panoramic Resources plans to develop a strong internal skillset, especially in underground mining which will lay the foundation for them to source future underground mining projects. This is a major project for Savannah and it has shown encouraging signs, which has compelled Panoramic to extend its infrastructure and reap the benefits for many years to come.

Currently, Savannah runs on a workforce of 200 people who are on the fly-in, fly-out program. According to ABC news, Australian mining production is expected to soar by 41% in the next five years. For those who are involved in mine production, operations and maintenance work, this is just the beginning of the growth period.

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