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South Carolina’s manufacturing sector is taking off

South Carolina’s manufacturing sector is taking off

Tuesday Apr 5, 2016

South Carolina is one of the states leading the charge in an American manufacturing revival, with growth in two industries in particular: automotive and aerospace. The state hosts over 250 automotive industry manufacturers and suppliers, including a major BMW manufacturing plant, and Charleston, with its important port, is home to aircraft manufacturing sites like Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner final assembly plant. Mercedes and Volvo are following BMW and making major investments in the state, creating thousands of jobs in the next few years. The Palmetto state has also become the nation’s leading producer and exporter of tyres.

Developments like these have seen South Carolina’s unemployment rate drop significantly, while attracting engineering talent from around the country. The state’s advanced infrastructure is easily supporting this increased rate of growth. Charleston’s port is the third most productive in the United States, and will soon be dredged to make it the deepest port on the eastern seaboard, allowing even bigger container ships to dock. Relatively low costs are another key benefit for manufacturers looking to move production to the south. This has been heavily supported by the state government in South Carolina, which has offered big incentives to major manufacturers to lure them to the state, including putting up funds to train the local workforce.

While much of the foreign investment in South Carolina comes from European countries like France and Germany, the state is even starting to attract attention from firms in China. With wages rising at home, some Chinese companies are now taking advantage of the southern state's pro-business policies and proximity to their customers, as well as the availability of cheap land, electricity and good infrastructure.

However, the expansion of manufacturing industries in South Carolina could be facing stronger headwinds in the near future, with a shrinking supply of skilled workers providing a particular challenge. The rapid successes in creating manufacturing jobs have outpaced the state’s ability to train workers, while there is a nationwide trend towards a shrinking skilled labour force as the workforce ages. The supply of graduates with the necessary skills has been unable to keep pace.

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