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What skills are engineering employers looking for?

What skills are engineering employers looking for?

Thursday Mar 3, 2016

While engineering covers many industries and disciplines and requires a huge diversity of specialist skills, there are some important qualities that all engineers need to have, and it’s important to demonstrate that you have these on your CV and during job interviews.

1. Great communication skills

In the busy and potentially hazardous working environments many engineers face on a daily basis, it is vital that you are able to communicate clearly. If working in a client facing role, as a consultant, for example, you’ll also need to be able to explain complicated technical terms in everyday language without using jargon.

2. Outstanding organisation

Engineering is a complicated business, and in order for engineering projects to be delivered safely, on time, on budget and to the correct specification, detailed planning is required. Regardless of your role, you’ll need to be able to manage your time and resources effectively, and be forward thinking at all times.

3. Terrific teamwork

As an engineer you’ll always be part of a team, and without effective coordination between people of different skillsets, no engineering project can succeed. It’s important that you’re able to work well with other people and recognise when you need to ask for help, or, if in a senior position, when it’s appropriate to delegate tasks.

4. Enthusiasm for learning and technical knowledge

An engineer will often be presented with fresh challenges and be required to learn new skills. It’s important for engineers to be intellectually curious and able to master new processes and technologies quickly. You also need to be adept at putting theory into practise. Whether your job revolves more around tools or blueprints, it’s vital that you have a broad knowledge base. And of course, whatever role you are looking for, it’s necessary for you to have deep technical knowledge relevant to the job and to be able to demonstrate this at interview.

5. Pride in your work

As an engineer, it’s important that you strive to do the best possible job at all times. People will rely on the work you do, and trust in your knowledge and skills. They may even entrust their lives to it. It’s vital, therefore, that employers have confidence in your ability to deliver work of the highest standard, as their reputation relies on the quality of their projects.

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