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Where should engineers work?

Where should engineers work?

Friday Feb 28, 2014

At TRS Staffing Solutions, we monitor and analyse the best opportunities for specialist engineering and recruitment across the world. Our unique position as international experts means that we’re ideally suited to finding worldwide job prospects. If you’re interested in moving further afield for the opportunity of a lifetime, then we can help.

For engineers from all backgrounds,  with years of experience behind them, various cities around the world can present attractive career options  The engineering industry is the driving force behind the everything from developing city infrastructure itself, to working in house at a variety of different businesses. Salary is always dependent on location, so flexibility and understanding the relative cost of living should be high on your list of considerations when starting a global job hunt.

Make the most of the global demand for your skills by considering some of the following locations for your next engineering job.

India has a fast-growing economy and the capital to heavily invest into new technology. A number of cities have followed in the footsteps of Bangalore, the so called ‘Silicon Valley’ of India, and very quickly established fantastic industrial hubs. Chennai is one of these locations. According to bank HSBC, tens of thousands of expat workers have already made the move to the city, as the number doubled from 35,000 in 2009 to well over 80,000 in 2011. The cost of living is also cheaper than other major Indian cities such as Mumbai and Delhi.

Chennai has fantastic prospects for mechanical and automotive engineers, with brand leaders such as BMW, Ford and Hyundai having opened factories to take advantage of Chennai’s growing reputation. In addition to a robust electronics hardware scene, with global giants like Samsung, Dell and Siemens maintaining bases there, there are also signs that the aerospace industry will be getting a significant boost in the near future.

The Middle East is synonymous with wealth and being at the forefront of huge engineering projects. With modern cities literally appearing out of sandy desert spaces, the need for engineers is obvious. Abu Dhabi is one of these miraculous cities. It’s fast becoming a tourist destination, which has improved the lifestyle that city workers enjoy, adding great facilities, entertainment and culture, along with an international feel.

With all major energy companies having a stake in the output of oil and other natural resources, mining, oil, and gas engineers will be able to look for work at any number of international or national brands. In addition to the lucrative fossil fuels, green technology is on the rise, with heavy government investment in solar energy. This growing industry, along with the constant building projects, means engineers of all technical backgrounds will be required.

Canada is in a difficult situation. The older, experienced engineers of multiple disciplines are retiring, with a recent report from Engineer’s Canada stating that 95,000 are expected to retire within the next six years. Without enough national candidates to fill these gaps, a drive for international engineers is picking up momentum. Toronto, being the largest city in Canada, has a wealth of industry opportunities, with disciplines such as automotive, aerospace, electrical and mechanical being required.

The oil and gas industry also has a huge presence in Canada, and Toronto is an ideal base from which you can commute from. It’s an extremely diverse city, has a fantastic cultural scene and everything you’d want from a modern city.

TRS Staffing Solutions offer expert industry knowledge and years of experience to help people find their perfect position.