Why your HR team need an MSP

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Across the world, workforce planning and recruitment is getting increasingly complex. And every day, more firms are turning to contingent workers to plug the gaps in skills and experience. The burden of this extra work falls squarely on the Human Resources (HR) team.


The rise of the contingent workforce is not a passing trend; it’s simply the way the market operates now. The flexibility is great for organisations flexing to meet changing demands. But with changing contracts and workers moving around a lot, this uncertainty can bring greater complexity and stress for your HR department.  


But there might be a better way. Working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide a host of benefits – and make you popular with the HR team.


Win back time and resources

We speak to HR teams a lot. And we know they’re often on the back foot, with their days taken up by reactive work. An MSP partner can help free up their time and create space for more proactive workforce planning. With an MSP handling most of the sourcing of candidates and automating the paperwork, HR can spend their time on more productive tasks.


There are also considerable cost efficiencies. The HR team are no longer spending hours hunting down candidates. The administrators are no longer sifting through a stack of unsuitable CVs. And the hiring manager doesn’t need to make time for so many interviews. All that time that was spent on inefficient hiring processes? Now it goes back into doing the work that really matters.


Work with technology that fits your business

By working with an MSP, you can get the latest technology in one agreement – great for improving efficiency while avoiding inflated costs. For example, we offer a range of technology solutions that cover everything from the simplest needs to a full-scale enterprise model that can manage sites across multiple countries.


Whichever package you choose has the most up-to-date and user-friendly software included. And we can make adjustments to fit your needs. It’s far more cost-effective than many MSPs who provide a base-level that can get pricey if you want to scale up to the top level – and you may end up paying for services you don’t need.


Move quick with workforce planning

In the world of contingent workforces, things can move fast. You don’t want to get blindsided by losing resources mid-project or discovering you’ve not met regulatory requirements. Working with an MSP lets your HR team put effective planning in place to mitigate against any potential issues.


This approach also helps you retain skilled workers within large projects with many companies. For example, if the business running one part of the project no longer has need for a skilled worker, they can be moved over to another part of the project. This is much faster than going out to market to find a replacement. The project continues moving forward and there’s less admin for HR.


Tap into industry expertise

Hiring contingent workers can get complicated fast, especially if you’re working with multiple sites across borders. It’s not up to your HR team to be prepared for every permutation. But your MSP can be ready for anything.


Having worked across industries for a long time, we have a depth and breadth of knowledge that you just can’t hire in-house. It means you can be confident that you’re getting the sharpest insight, market knowledge and recruiting skills.


Go global

MSPs operate on a global scale that’s rarely feasible for HR departments. Crucial when it comes to attracting the very best talent across different regions. We have the inside track on compliance, legislation and other administrative requirements in different areas – even making sure you’re aware of any cultural norms or infrastructure challenges.


We know the issues you’ll face when transferring workers to projects in different countries, which can vary considerably depending on the areas involved. Ultimately, our global knowledge provides your HR function with dexterity – allowing you to find the best talent and use it as required.

Ready to make more of your HR team? Talk to us about your options.

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