TRS Select

The Service

As a customer of TRS Select, your consultant will work exclusively with you, advising a complete strategy on the approach, introduction and evaluation of candidates identified. As a candidate your consultant will similarly provide a comprehensive strategy on presenting your skill sets, knowledge and experience to selected clients.

Our solution is to dedicate our leading consultants to work entirely with you and our candidates to secure the right fit for your organisation. 

Throughout the process our progress is documented and communicated in a manner and frequency that suits you. Our consultant will at no time 'go quiet' on your requirement. Our guarantee is to deliver quality service which does not waste your time, our candidate's time or our own time. 

The Background

‘TRS Select’ is a division of the TRS Staffing Solutions group (TRS). We established our business in 1984 and have built a highly successful global staffing organization, with 19 offices based in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Specifically, TRS Select are experienced in sourcing management and engineering professionals to sectors including; energy and chemicals; rail and infrastructure; power and renewable energy; manufacturing; life sciences; and metals and mining. 

Our expertise and knowledge of the global staffing industry is expansive and grows continuously as we seek out and locate the best in global talent.

The Approach

‘TRS Select’ is managed and operated by a number of dedicated senior consultants located across the primary TRS offices. To ensure 100% customer focus and the utmost care in our advice given; each consultant is limited in the number of client and candidate portfolios managed at any one time.

Our consultants will:

  • Completely understand your need, defining the job role, how it fits within your organisation, culture and business environment.
  • Use the completed job profile to select and build a candidate community of candidates matching the profile.
  • Carefully screen and carry out a face to face interview with candidates.
  • Present a shortlist of candidates, identifying how each candidate meets the job profile.
  • Carry out any skill set, competency assessments you specifically require.
  • Following interview provide detailed feedback on each candidate outcome. 

Our consultants spend their time comprehensively understanding the needs of the customer paying special attention to identifying crucial factors such as the cultural needs and mind set required or offered. Each requirement is documented in detail and reviewed with the customer to ensure we have a complete and accurate profile.

The finished profile allows the consultant to brief a global network of supporting researchers to identify and map customer opportunities. The consultant will then apply their expertise and experience to filter the best opportunities arising and present them to the customer for discussion.


For further information and to discuss our select services, please contact your regional branch here