Maritime Labour Convention Compliance with Article 1.4


Fluor Workforce Solutions adhere and comply with the requirements of Article 1.4 and as required by United Kingdom Legislation.

The requirements and regulations require us to:

5(a) - not maintain any form of register (official or unofficial) which would act as a ‘blacklist’ to prevent seafarers from applying for employment.

5(b) - not charge seafarers directly or indirectly in whole or in part for fees relating to their recruitment and / or placement.

Seafarers are only responsible for the following:

  • The cost of obtaining a national statutory medical certificate,
  • The national seafarer’s book
  • Passport or other similar personal travel document).

5(c(i)) - register all job seekers or seafarers on active company assignments to be entered onto the company’s database. The database is used to manage all information pertaining to the job seeker or seafarer.

5(c(ii)) - follow a consistent process to ensure:

  • Seafarers are informed of the rights and duties under their employment agreements, prior to or in the process of engagement;
  • Proper arrangements are made for seafarers to examine their employment agreements before and after they are signed; and
  • Seafarers receive a signed copy of the agreement.

5(c(iii)) – ensure seafarers are suitably qualified and competent for the roles they apply for.

5(c(iv)) – establish as far as reasonably practicable, that the ship owner has the means to protect seafarers from being stranded in a foreign port.

5(c)(v) – follow a formal documented complaints procedure to record, manage and resolve seafarer complaints satisfactorily. However, should a complaint not be resolved to the satisfaction of the seafarer, then they may exercise their right to contact the MCA ( for further consideration.

5(c)(vi) – we maintain a register of current insurance arrangements to provide suitable and sufficient cover in the event of an employment related event, resulting in monetary loss to the seafarer.

B1.4.1 para 1(d) – we take care to manage and preserve the confidentiality of your personal information in accordance with company regulations and regulatory requirements.

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