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The TRS Staffing Group (TRS) – Experts in Workforce Solutions

Established in 1984, TRS works around the world finding and connecting the best talent with organisations which: design, build, operate and maintain infrastructure, manufacture goods and products, or offer supporting services. Clients include; international owners, operators, engineering, procurement and construction companies (EPCs), consultancies and government or public sector organisations and bodies.

We serve clients across multiple industry sectors including; Energy (oil & gas) & Chemicals; Power (fossil & nuclear) & Renewables (wind, solar, wave); Manufacturing & Life Sciences; Aerospace & Automotive; Mining & Metals; Infrastructure Road & Rail; IT & Telecomms and the Public Sector.

We operate from offices across North America, EMEA, Asia and Australia, sharing a single global database of candidates with access to many thousands more found online. Our recruiters are in daily contact with sought after talent and are continually identifying fresh talent through their local and international networks.

For Candidates

We’re here to make the process of pursuing your career path as easy as possible. We do this by first getting to know you and finding out exactly what you’re looking for – the kind of job you want, the projects that interest you and locations that would suit you.

We then use our extensive recruitment resources to put you in touch with the right companies in the right locations.  We’ll support you through the entire process, providing you with the information on the jobs, projects and clients you are interested in.

For candidates and employers alike, we offer a complete recruitment service.