Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Across A Variety Of Industries

TRS Staffing understands the vital role that quality talent plays in the success of an organisation. We offer recruitment process outsourcing to help your business discover the best talent available on a global level. Our recruitment specialists come equipped with industry expertise and years of experience to offer you customised RPO solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you are looking to outsource one or your entire recruitment process to an outside agency, TRS is here to act as an extension of your HR team in whatever ways are needed. 

We offer recruitment process outsourcing to various industries including construction, infrastructure, oil and gas, renewable energy, manufacturing, and much more. Our recruitment professionals will work closely with your organisation to understand its objectives to deliver quality results. 

Engineering Recruitment 

TRS Staffing understands the intricate demands and skill sets that are required within the engineering recruitment process. We are experienced in connecting the brightest engineering talent with forward-thinking companies. Whether your project involves mechanical, electrical, civil, or structural engineers, our RPO solutions can help you find the most qualified candidates for the position.  

Oil and Gas Recruitment 

Let TRS Staffing be your trusted partner in sourcing top talent for your oil and gas operations. Our recruiters have a deep understanding of the complex challenges that oil and gas companies face as well as the skills that are necessary to help your organisation complete successful projects. We can help you find an array of talent from project managers, technicians, engineers, and more. 

Renewable Energy Recruitment 

As renewable energy continues to grow so do the industry’s recruitment needs. TRS staffing understands the important role that renewable energy plays in shaping the future as well as the types of professionals that will be necessary to it happen. Our renewable energy recruitment specialists are here to assist with RPO solutions that can help your organisation thrive. 

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