Statement of Work

Services Procurement of Statement of Work (SOW) programs offer an opportunity to organise your extended workforce further. SOW to provide people services is a growing area of spend for many organisations. There are many benefits to organising and streamlining the processes attached to SOW. These bring an additional level of visibility and control to the SOW workforce.

Typically, SOW workers are paid through a combination of milestone payments covering time and materials. SOW workers are engaged for a variety of reasons to support growth, specific skill needs, and/or projects.

TRS Workforce Solutions (TRSWFS) can help organisations manage their SOW program in several ways. 

Firstly, they can help organise and access a large pool of service providers engaging the best ones quickly. This means that organisations can reduce the time-to-service and minimise any potential disruptions to their operations.

Secondly, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help organisations manage the entire SOW process from start to finish. They can manage the advertising, screening, and selection of service providers, as well as handle all the administrative tasks such as contract management and payment processing.

This frees up organisations' internal resources, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. 

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Finally, an MSP can provide expert advice on market trends and service provider performance, ensuring that they remain competitive and current with the latest industry developments. This can help businesses avoid any potential legal issues, ensuring that their SOW is managed ethically and sustainably. 

As one element of a wider contingent workforce program, SOW offers several benefits:

1. Cost Savings

TRS WFS helps your organisation by streamlining your SOW processes, reducing procurement costs, and managing your providers more efficiently. TRS would utilise market-leading VMS technology and dedicated resources to help automate the management and reporting across the whole program. This can result in significant cost and time savings for your business. 

2. Greater Visibility and Control

A TRS WFS SOW program supports your workforce management by providing greater visibility and control over the spend, providers, workers, and deliverables across the entire category. The MSP acts as a single point of contact, providing organisations with real-time data and analytics on their service providers' performance and costs. This enables organisations to make informed decisions about their services procurement and optimise their operations accordingly. 

3. Improved Compliance

An implemented program can help you remain compliant with procurement and recruitment regulations. As part of a full SOW with established technology and team, TRS WFS can manage all of the administrative tasks related to payment processing and compliance. This can help your business avoid any potential legal issues and ensure that its SOW is managed professionally and compliantly. 

4. Scalability

Using TRS WFS for an SOW provides organisations with the ability to scale up quickly in response to new project wins or changes in demand. 

In conjunction with an MSP, this can mean fast access to a wide range of skills and talent for critical periods of growth or new business. 

5. Improved Quality of Service

With streamlined processes and access to benchmarked providers, TRS can support the attraction and retention of high-quality service providers, improving the overall quality of their services procurement and driving business success. 

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