TRS Workforce Solutions (TRS WFS) is a Managed Services Provider (MSP). We support large-scale, complex engineering projects with cost-effective resource solutions on a global scale. We have been doing so for over 25 years. 

What is ONEMSP?

ONEMSP is a project-specific solution that manages all of your contingent resource needs. We design, build and operate your resourcing campaigns as well as fully manage your current agency supply chain on your behalf.

It is simple to use and easy to implement and is specifically designed for quick deployment on complex engineering projects. 

A robust, yet nimble out-of-the-box product that can be fully operational within a few weeks. It comes with an enhanced agency supply chain, real-time reporting, and actionable insights. We provide a  dedicated program lead as your single point of contact throughout the project lifecycle.

Did you know up to 40% of a project contingent workforce is typically supplied via an agency? 

Deloitte, HR Transformation Report 2022

Features and Benefits

1. Project Solution

Aligning our expertise with your project objectives, creating a partnership that emphasises delivery and cost reduction.

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3. Enhanced Supply Chain

A one-stop solution that takes responsibility for your supply chain and utilises our supplier network to ensure a cost-effective project solution.

5. Worker Retention

With 40+ years of experience delivering project staffing, we understand how to keep workers engaged from start to finish. 

7. Minimise Errors

Electronic timecard capture and mistake triggers ensure correct and prompt payment of workers.

2. Real-time Reporting

Real-time analytics support your project goals with full visibility of spend, workforce logistics, and potential cost efficiencies.

4. Quick-to-Deploy

ONEMSP is designed for a project environment with rapid implementation which is easy to use and highly scalable. 

6. Achieve Project Milestones

We ensure that your contingent workforce is aligned with your project goals and 


8. Reduced Administration

Consolidated single billing is a straightforward process that reduces manual errors from occurring. 

We deliver solutions. Our high-performance teams embrace opportunities, solve challenges, and continuously improve.

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