Improve your Results when Job Hunting

AuthorMarion Keating
Posting date: 17 October 2017

Applying for job vacancies can be difficult to maneuver; most of this difficulty, however, can be relieved with a presentation of professionalism on your online profile. 

It is important to reflect on your internet presence in order to discover how to improve success rates regarding first appearances. With technology firmly at the heart of business, many utilize the availability of keywords or other forms of search algorithms. This provides more accurate CV’s for the role required at a faster rate. From job boards to CRM’s if you want your CV to be discovered it is important to tailor it to your chosen role.  It is common for agencies to source candidates through local job markets, as is considered to be the simplest method to finding a skilled candidate that is able to attend the workplace. Agencies know when international sourcing is needed to find talent; this will usually be highlighted within the job ads. You can, therefore, save time by applying for vacancies most suited to your situation. 

CV writing and profile optimisation are increasingly important right now in recruitment. When applying for engineering jobs, the role you apply for should correlate with the skills you have acquired. Employers want to know that you have the skills and relevant experience needed to complete the job description effectively. If you do not consider yourself to have the expected points within these categories, your odds of success reduce. You should think about applying to roles requiring 1 or more of your current qualities. 


How can I manage my online presence?

LinkedIn can be a successful way to promote yourself in a professional manner. You should think about optimising your profile to increase your chances of being found by potential employers. Make sure to target keywords relating to your chosen field, this means that you will rank well on searches against other job seekers. You can test your ranking by searching for candidates in the position you desire. Typically, your profile is most successful when found on the first or second results pages.

With Microsoft implementing a LinkedIn integration system with Office 365, agencies can have the ability to view your LinkedIn profile by receiving emails from you. LinkedIn explain that users can “Simply hover over a contact’s name to see information from their LinkedIn Profile, such as where they work, what they do, and where they went to school”. By ensuring your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete, you can be taken more seriously as a candidate.


How can I organise my job search?

Job hunting can be difficult to maintain, therefore we suggest creating measurable weekly goals to keep you motivated and to maintain efficiency. These goals could include how many calls you plan to make in order to network, or even how many CV’s you plan to send to agencies. Ensure to keep record of your interactions with both companies and staffing agencies, so that if you are contacted by a consultant you have a clear record of the information they were sent and what they are looking for in a candidate.

Competition is high in the job hunting world; hundreds of CV’s are received for each job vacancy, so make sure to apply for roles as soon as possible. It is effective to submit your resume to agencies; they have a wide selection of positive clients and employment opportunities. Submitting your resume into agencies means recruiters can put your CV forward for a selection of jobs, offering greater opportunities with less time used. Set up alerts and sign up for newsletters to increase your chances of finding job vacancies.

Organising your online and written presentation allows businesses to view your capabilities and grow confidence in your ability to fit the role. This combined with your own job hunting organization means that chances of being hired can increase, creating further motivation to find the perfect job role to suit you. 

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