How TRS Can Help with your Permanent Recruitment Needs

AuthorConstance Wingo
Posting date: 04 December 2018

Every successful organisation knows that having the right personnel in place is key. At TRS, we understand that it’s not always easy to attract the right candidates to fill crucial positions within your company, which is why we run a Permanent Recruitment Service. Based on our knowledge and extensive experience of recruiting for specialist roles, we can work with you to help determine, attract and recruit the talent you require to fulfill your business goals.

What is involved in this service?

Firstly, we identify gaps in your teams that can be filled with our experienced engineering specialists, in order to ensure that you meet your business demands. Our bespoke selection process involves using our expertise to find the ideal candidate for your company culture and working environment, who will become an asset to your team. We also ensure that we locate the right candidate within your timeframe, working to the deadlines that you set.

As part of our permanent recruitment service, we can provide the following:

- Annual Salary Reviews
- Recruitment Process Outsourcing
- Campaign Management
- Competitor Analysis
- Candidate Mapping

The benefits of outsourcing your recruitment needs

  • Save yourself money and time

Recruiting can be time consuming and relentless, but we can help make this easier by taking the stress and strain away from you. Not only will we be saving you valuable time, we will also be reducing costs through streamlining the entire recruitment process for you.

For example, recruitment campaigns can potentially lead to high volumes of applications, making it difficult to filter candidates quickly and cheaply. As our expertise lies in matching organisations with their ideal candidates, we are able to save you a lot of time and energy that would have gone into handling this process yourself.

  • Concentrate your efforts elsewhere

As recruitment tasks are often outside of any core business’ functions, by taking this process away, it won’t take anything away from core business activities. Instead, it will let you focus on your immediate business demands without any distractions. Not only this, recruiting responsibilities can quickly become quite overwhelming if there’s a high recruiting volume.

  • Improve how you recruit

With a competitive job market and an on-going skills shortage, it can be difficult to find qualified candidates or to improve your recruiting efficiency without the necessary expertise. By outsourcing this process, you can benefit from TRS’ ability to tap into the global job market and to reach both active and passive candidates that other organisations may not otherwise be able to engage with.

Why should TRS deliver this service?

As a global operation, we have the capability of being able to support you with your recruitment needs, whether it’s a sub-Saharan project in South Africa, or if you’re trying to source fluent Spanish speakers in South America. By working with TRS, you will be able to take advantage of our global reach, local focus, and unrivaled knowledge in the engineering sector. We’ll also provide you with a main point of contact, helping you to develop a successful business partnership.

As we continue to grow our permanent recruitment offering, we’ll make sure that you receive the most up to date service in finding the right engineering candidates. Not only this, we’ll also provide an after-placement service with regular follow-ups and feedback sessions.

To find out how we can help you source credible candidates, visit our Permanent Recruitment page. Alternatively, you can contact your regional branch to discuss your business requirements.

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