Managed Service Program

Businesses choose an MSP solution to overcome one or more of the following challenges:

  • External and internal cost of using and managing an agency supply chain
  • Poor recruitment efficiency adding to cost and time taken to hire
  • Poor administration efficiency – payrolls and billing require too much time, effort and maybe delayed and subject to regular inaccuracies
  • Unable to benchmark workforce performance due to lack of focussed analytics
  • Unable to confirm workforce and their suppliers are 100% compliant all the time

What is an MSP?

An MSP is a selective to full outsource covering the core elements of workforce need. The core elements cover:

  • Requisition
  • Authorisation & Order Tracking
  • Supplier Management
  • Recruitment Process Operations
  • Timesheets & Payroll
  • Billing

At TRS, we shape an MSP to meet the client’s requirements and goals, partnering with the client to supplement and improve their existing resources and processes. Together, we achieve a long-term sustainable workforce strategy that is cost effective, consistent, compliant, focussed on quality outputs and benchmarked for continual improvement.

Reasons to choose MSP

Where a business identifies a gap in the areas shown in the table below, then choosing an MSP over a traditional approach is likely to be more effective.

Driver - Gap - Improvement Need

The MSP will focus on a blend of the following:

Reasons to choose MSP Driver - Gap - Improvement Need
Large contingent workforce, broad scope of job disciplines, multi-site locations
  • Providing suitable and sufficient resources to deliver an optimal service in terms of cost, time and quality
  • Transfer business risk from the client to the MSP
Reduce number of supplying agencies, working with too many supplier contacts
  • An account management approach, means single person accountability for the client's account
  • Choosing an MSP delivery model that covers the scope requirement with the optimum mix of supplier expertise, experience and scope
Improve employment and supplier compliances
  • Introduce contractual, service level agreements and a managing quality plan to provide a compliant system
  • Use internal audit to evidence that the system is 100% compliant
Recruitment processes are complex and lengthy
  • Use proven technology to streamline all processes from requisition through recruitment, timesheets, payroll and billing
Lack of visibility and control over the staffing cycle, performance is not benchmarked for continual improvement
  • Identify and document key metrics for measuring value. Apply powerful analytics and the reporting capability of the technology platform to hold the account management team stakeholders responsible for performance and its continual improvement

TRS MSP Capability and Experience

  • MSP service commenced in 2001 - today a global provision
  • Manage varying workforce needs from less than 100 to over 1,000
  • Aligned to the international quality standard
  • Strict PSL qualification process covering, scope, track record, financial status, quality and HSE
  • Single point of contact between stakeholders and TRS
  • Ongoing performance management
  • Global coverage
  • Management of all labor rates and agency agreements
  • Full scope covering: Temp. and direct hire - Payroll - Compliance - Logistics/HR/Admin - Recruitment Process - Recruitment Campaigns

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