Workforce Delivery

Workforce delivery is chosen by clients around the world to solve challenges that are complex and thereby costly, time consuming and requiring specialist expertise to implement. In its broadest terms it covers the recruitment, bringing together and management of a diverse contingent workforce (local and foreign nationals, multi-skilled teams, across business functions, different skill levels) in a remote and/or challenging location. The requirement may be project driven or for the ongoing operations and maintenance of field assets and facilities.

A Workforce delivery solution is flexible and scalable

The solution is a selective to full outsource covering the core elements of a workforce need.

Candidate Engagement >











Contractor Starts Work

Find & select the best talent, recruitment campaigns Employment compliances, candidate verification, health and training needs Cost effective travel & accommodation Meet & greet, local travel, housing, security TRS & Client content: Policies, processes, admin

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Contractor Working


Exit interview and feedback to client/TRS Process requirements, return of equipment, travel Appraisals, KPIs, Technical, soft skills, HSE Communicate, promote culture, look after personal needs On time and correct - flexible pay-rolling

 Scale and flexibility mean we supply our services for the few to the many, a small team need of three, through to multi-function workforces of several hundred contingent contractors.

Workforce delivery is an agile service, our specialists must maintain a current and anticipated knowledge of all the factors which can cause costs to rise, delays to occur and quality to deteriorate. In today’s world these risks arise from economic and political uncertainty, labor scarcity, cultural change and employment regulations. Our success over the last twenty years reflects expertise, experience and excellence in mitigating these risks for the benefit of our clients.

Reasons to choose workforce delivery

Where a business identifies a gap in the areas shown in the table below, then choosing a workforce delivery approach over a traditional one is likely to be more effective.

Driver - Gap - Improvement Need

The MSP will focus on a blend of the following:

Projects or assets needing ‘lean cost’ contingent workforce supply
  • Optimum workforce composition (local, OCN, expats)
  • Supplier management
  • Prcoess optimization
Contingent workforce, broad scope of job disciplines, multi-site international locations
  • Providing suitable and sufficient resources to deliver an optimal service in terms of cost, time and quality
  • Transfer workforce business risk from the client to the workforce contractor
Cost of internal staff, tie-up of internal staff
  • Retain subject matter experts, key, safety critical skills internally and determine an optimum internal / contractor ratio
Scarce skillsets with the necessary expertise and experience
  • Recruiting the best diverse contingent talent
  • Introducing contractor performance incentives to ensure projects / assets are managed to budget, quality and timeline criteria
Timelines to hire staff/contingent are too long causing delays and cost overruns
  • Improve recruitment efficiency in all areas of weakness
  • Improve the quality, consistency and effectiveness of the supply chain for supporting services, e.g. employment compliances, travel, accommodation, medical, etc
Lack of visibility and control over the contractor workforce, performance is not benchmarked for continual improvement
  • Identify and document key metrics for measuring value (HSE, technical performance, productivity, soft skills). Apply powerful analytics and the reporting capability of the technology platform to hold the account management team and supporting stakeholders responsible for performance and continual improvement
Supply Compliance On-boarding

Quality Workforce

Field, Craft, Technical, Engineering, Professional, Management

Meet all regulatory and corporate requirements

Country of origin and local content compliance Visas, work permits and licenses, ethics, health, background checks

Achieving operational readiness

Briefings, policies & procedures (client and TRS, issue of PPE/Tools) - a tailored country induction process

Payroll, Admin./HR Logistics HSSEQ

Flexible payroll configurability

On time 100% accuracy

Policy and practice to the highest standards

Training Management

Onsite Presence

Rota management

Best air fare planning

Local travel, meet and greet

Suitable accommodation

Services provided 24/7

Emergency management

Security Arrangements

Health surveillance

Medical screening

Emergency medical care and repatriation

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