Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Businesses choose an RPO solution to meet one or more of the following challenges:

  • Recruitment efficiency – improving brand attractiveness, shortening the time to hire
  • Reducing costs –agency fees, internal resources, lack of knowledge, compliance
  • Improving quality – accessing more talent and reducing staff turnover
  • Meeting a short-term need – a volume hiring requirement for a new project, product or service
  • Improving long-term workforce planning – optimising the cost and quality of the permanent and/or contingent workforce

What is an RPO?

An RPO is a selective to full outsource covering the direct hire needs and/or contingent needs of the business. At TRS, we shape an RPO to meet the client’s requirements and goals.

An RPO scope for direct or permanent hire can cover all or some of the following elements a full-cycle hiring process:


Vacancy Processing






talent strategy role specification candidate engagement assessment methods interview plan and manage strategy strategy
talent mapping workflow optimisation processing applications screen and qualify references negotiate support
market intelligence measure, analyse, report matching potentials candidate presentation qualifications manage after care

Entering into an RPO means forming a partnership with a RPO specialist who will support and improve a company’s recruitment process. This is achieved by using a combination of the RPO’s expertise and experience in terms of people, systems and supporting technology. It’s a very different approach to purchasing a traditional transactional service from a recruitment agency focussed only on filling positions.

Reasons to choose RPO

Where a business identifies a gap in the areas shown in the table below, then choosing an RPO over a traditional approach is likely to be more effective. Multiple studies show that RPO solutions, deliver results that are equal or superior to traditional approaches:

Driver - Gap - Improvement Need

A RPO will focus on a blend of the following:

Hard to fill roles


  • Improving your recruitment efficiency


  • Improving candidate engagement and the business brand


  • Accessing new candidates


  • Reducing cost


  • Providing a scalable resource wherever it's needed


  • Using the latest technology to speed up transactional processing


  • Use analytics to benchmark costs, quality and productivity for your industry and business


Roles not filled in a timely manner

Direct and hidden costs of hiring are too expensive or are increasing

Insufficient internal recruitment resource to meet a short-term hiring need, e.g. a new project, facility or service
HR productivity is not keeping up with demand
Not sure of the effectiveness of your brand and talent strategy

The TRS approach is to produce a business case which proposes the best solution to the challenge faced based on the measurable value that will result (e.g. cost, efficiency, timeline, productivity, quality).


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