Payroll Services

TRS design and manage large and often complex payroll arrangements for local and international needs. As a global staffing organization, we offer our customers a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing fully compliant, accurate and timely solutions covering a single contractor working abroad, through to a diverse workforce of several hundred personnel of local and international origin.

Process for establishing a payroll system

  • Terms and conditions reflecting client needs, legally reviewed, 100% compliant.
  • Online and/or manual timesheet management system, robust approvals and authorisations, built in analytics.
  • Deduction of all taxes, social insurances and any other employment burdens
  • Electronic and/or manual billing system content and format, tailored to the client finance department’s needs.
  • Contractor electronic and/or manual pay-slips, identifying all pay rates, benefits, allowances, gross earnings and itemised deductions giving a net pay.
  • Independent contractor processing system, compliant with governing legislation.

We also establish

  • A pay issue, escalation and resolution process.
  • As contractors are employees, consultants or suppliers to TRS, we manage all HR, admin and contractual requirements.
  • Ensure all data is held confidentially and securely, in compliance with national and international data protection laws.

Payroll billing

We design the billing process to meet your needs, we:

  • Itemise your contractor spend across numerous criteria such as: hours/days, job discipline, department, location, function, etc.
  • Attach or supply all necessary back-up data, e.g. timesheets, approved expenses, allowances, etc.
  • Ensure all invoicing elements are coded per your requirements.
  • Offer complete flexibility in the frequency, format and structure of the invoicing process.
  • Appoint a personal finance representative as the first point of contact.


  • On-time
  • Accuracy every time
  • Data protected
  • Electronic timesheets
  • Legally compliant
  • Variable pay periods
  • Custom reporting
  • Global solutions

Benefit to customers

Our clients see value through:

  • Freeing up internal resource
  • Reducing compliance risk
  • Reducing risk of systems failure
  • Improving scale, flexibility and reliability of payroll
  • Fully detailed billing with complete backup
  • Analytics tailored to suit reporting needs

Our contractors see value through:

  • Receiving on-time accurate remuneration every time
  • Point of contact to discuss payroll issues
  • Advice and support on HR and remuneration arrangements


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