Statement of work

Dealing with contracts, suppliers and delivery of work can be a time consuming process. At TRS Staffing Solutions we offer a statement of work (SOW) management service that aims to eliminate risk and maximize returns by contractually defining the project scope, objectives, timelines and deliverables.

Your statement of work is designed to give you visibility and consistency with all your projects, outlying milestones, timelines, pricing and the specific roles and duties of your engineering specialists. By including this information within a statement of work (SOW), it holds the supplier accountable for execution and delivery of this work.

Each statement of work will have its own categories, there is not a one size fits all management solution. TRS aims to work with you to create an individual statement of work. The following areas are typically addressed within your businesses statement of work:

  • Purpose - Why are we doing this project? Setting a purpose aids the answer to this statement
  • Scope of Work - Outlines work to be done and technology/software that will be used within the project
  • Location of Work - Where staff and equipment will be located on project commencement
  •  Period of Performance - Specifies the allowable time for projects, start and finish times and numbers of hours that can be billed per week or month
  • Deliverables Schedule - Describes when and what is deliverable on a given date
  • Applicable Standards - This outlines any engineering specific standards that need to be adhered to in completing the contract
  •  Acceptance Criteria - Outlines to the client if the project is acceptable, usually with objective criteria
  • Special Requirements - This specifies any requirements that the project will depend upon e.g. skill sets, technology, travel requirements
  • Type of Contract/Payment Schedule -  A breakdown of budgets and payments is agreed at project commencement, this gives full visibility of finances and investment
  •  Miscellaneous - Additional categories required for the success of the project that do not fit within the categories above

What will your organization gain from working with TRS to create your Statement of Work?

  • Supplier performance strategies
  • Spend visibility
  • Strategic category spend management
  • Compliancy with third party management policies and Government regulations
  • Worker tracking
  • Compliance reporting and benchmarking
  • Financial and operational controls

TRS will create a statement of work for your engineering contractors to fulfill your business requirements and needs.  Working as a team we will deal with any issues that may arise during the first stages of the statement of work and approach these together to outline necessary planning and data gathering.

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