Direct Hire

Talent spotting is an art. To master this art and be successful requires a profound knowledge of the subject matter, a personal approach, excellence in execution and the pride and dedication to succeed. When a client works with a TRS recruitment consultant they can be assured that they will be securing the services of a talent spotting master or a talent acquisition specialist; plainly speaking someone they can trust to find the perfect talent needed.

Our Approach

Firstly, we actively listen to what you tell us about your business, strategy, values, culture and long-term goals. We ask all the questions necessary and make sure we have confirmed and clarified your answers. We’ll do the same to understand the job specification, confirming that we have the details and the context fully understood. Gaining a complete understanding of the need concludes the first step.

Secondly, we’ll get on with the business of researching, networking and long-listing candidates for consideration. We have dedicated researchers who are very good at this.

Thirdly, we’ll start the conversation with candidates, many of whom we already have long-established relationships with. Only candidates who can genuinely become applicants are assessed. This frees up valuable time to invest deeper into the assessments of serious and in-scope candidates.

Fourthly, presentation and recommendations for candidates to interview are made. The managing consultant will be confident that each candidate is a worthy, highly qualified and experienced contender for the position in question.

Fifthly, an offer to a candidate is subject to a final verification of facts and a negotiation with him or her to bring them safely into your organization.

And finally, we want to improve every engagement, so we will request your feedback and that of the new employee. Subsequently, we’d like to stay in occasional contact to confirm the placement has been a long-term success.

Supporting our Approach

Underneath the hood of our approach is the experience of three decades of direct hire staffing, working across six continents (Antarctica is not one of them) and continually improving our methodology, supported by our ongoing management system certification to the ISO9001 standard.

Along the way we have improved our technology for searching, testing and tracking, to make sure we keep abreast of how people want to shape their workplace experience, future careers, and select their employers. We have some great tools and techniques to engage, assess and sell your brand to the world of talent.

Our Value Add Proposition

We negotiate a straight forward service level agreement which is open and transparent. Our pricing models are flexible and scalable. If we fail to meet your expectations, then it’s fair that we should suffer a penalty. However, we always work to succeed, and we are extremely proud of our team when they do, which thankfully is frequently.

Contact us for further information on how we can provide a cost-effective solution for your direct hire needs today and in the long-term.

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