Talent Mapping

The TRS Staffing Solutions Talent Mapping service provides clients with a bespoke report which identifies a target candidate population of both active and passive candidates. The population may be for a geographic and/or particular job discipline, e.g. ‘Senior Process Engineers in the state of Alberta, Canada’. The report is a result of focused research using a range of search mechanisms including the latest social media platforms.

Talent Mapping is a strategic tool that assists HR specialists and Boards to plan for long term talent acquisition. The strategy is carried out by compiling on-going research and intelligence about other organizations and the talent within the industry.

TRS will help you identify competitor architectures, roles and responsibilities, securing vital information about key personnel within the company and understanding their experience, skills, academic background, successes and packages.  Within this research, we will identify if the individual would consider a move to join your organization and what factors would encourage such a move.  This information is collected over a period of time and will help you take informed recruitment decisions based on talent within the engineering marketplace.

What will your organization gain from working with TRS on talent mapping?

  •  Comprehensive research reports on talent pools
  •  Long term talent acquisition strategies

Our aim is to become a part of your business and work with you to fulfill your engineering contract and temporary staffing needs.

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