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Engineering Jobs in Mozambique

Engineering Jobs in Mozambique

Tuesday Aug 6, 2013

At TRS Staffing Solutions we carefully monitor the latest and most lucrative trends in specialist engineering and recruitment around the globe. Africa is currently undergoing an energy revolution, with a variety of new and on-going projects continuing to provide engineering jobs in Mozambique. Our insights allow us to source top quality candidates for opportunities across a wide range of sectors, including professional, engineering and technical positions in oil, gas and mining. 

Mozambique is feeling the benefit from significant natural gas deposits as developments are appearing everywhere from the capital city of Maputo to the Rovuma Basin the northern province of Cabo Delgado. Current estimates from the National Enterprise of Hydrocarbons placed the gas reserves at around 250 trillion cubic feet. In terms of financial value the government hopes to raise $6 billion to $8 billion a year through international exports.

In addition to the excitement and investment from natural gas, Tete province continues to produce large amounts of coal. As well as providing mining engineering jobs in Mozambique, a requirement for civil engineers to create the infrastructure to allow commodity export to international markets has also emerged. As a rapidly growing market with a lot of international interest, Mozambique is set to be a recruitment hotspot for the foreseeable future. Make the most of the energy boom by finding your engineering jobs in Mozambique with the expertise of TRS Staffing Solutions.

Employment ratios have been introduced by the government, which stipulates that 10 Mozambicans must be hired for each expatriate. If you’re a civil engineer from Mozambique then this is an excellent time to take the next step in your career. There are a great employment opportunities in a range of sectors.

If you’re a Portuguese speaking engineer in Mozambique then make sure you look at the TRS Staffing Solutions website for great positions. We’ve got years’ of experience and knowledge when it comes to finding the right jobs and offer a fantastic service to candidates in Mozambique.

With increased development on the near horizon, Mozambique is predicted to become the fourth largest exporter of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) in the world, indicating that recruitment opportunities in the developing market are set to increase. Other natural resources also continue to perform well and create job openings, such as the Brazilian owned coking coal mine in Tete. With billions already spent on the supporting infrastructure such as a coal terminal and railways, and production set to increase from 11m tonnes a year to 22m by 2014, the prospects for employment are fantastic for Portuguese speaking engineers. 

An in-depth knowledge of Mozambique’s current and future plans for expansion means that TRS Staffing Solutions can offer candidates and clients unparalleled support in a range of recruitment services. We’ll help you find a position that will make the most of the African energy boom.