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Process Outsourcing (RPO)

At TRS Select, we help our customers to maximize return and productivity through outsourcing their non-core functions. Our engineering specialist outsourced programmes are heavily focused on deliverables and timelines to manage customers’ expectations. Customers’ return is guaranteed, as we tie our expectations to monetary incentives and penalties.

As an HR or Procurement leader within your business, you may be asked to produce ideas based on how to strategically manage staff within your business. There may also be pressure to optimize your talent supply chain due to high, fixed rate recruitment costs.  Outsourcing your recruitment process is a cost saving solution adopted by many organisations of many sizes, not just global conglomerates with extensive budgets.

To better understand Recruitment Process Outsourcing it is defined as the following:

An employer will transfer all or part of the recruitment process to an external service provider. A recruitment process outsourcing provider can utilize its own, or may assume the companies staff, technology, methodologies and reporting.  RPO is a very different recruitment set up to that of a standard recruitment agency in that the RPO will take direct responsibility of the outcomes and results from this management.

TRS has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the recruitment process outsourcing for engineering professionals, we have delivered and maintained many successful cost saving solutions for our clients.

How will Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) benefit your business?

•    The recruitment process will be streamlined

Often in businesses there is an overlap across the company’s functions, departments, divisions and regions, meaning that there is wasted budget on advertising, on-boarding and training.  Sometimes rushed hiring decisions have to be made due to time demands which can result in the hiring of staff that aren’t necessarily fit for the role.  Working as your recruitment process outsourcing partner we can analyze business requirements and streamline your recruitment process.

•    Recruitment costs will be reduced by shared risk

Recruitment is affected by two main business changes, growth and decline.  The risk is shared by both parties when using our service, as we take responsibility for efficiently responding to recruitment demands when hiring spikes happen within your organisation (nationally or globally) and we protect the business from carrying any unnecessary staff which may be costing the business money.

•    Hiring time will be improved

Hiring costs money and while a role is vacant the business is affected as it does not have the contribution of that team member to help deliver towards the set objectives. TRS will take on the hiring process for you, meaning no time or effort is required from within the business.

Our aim is to become a part of your business and work with you to fulfil your engineering contract and temporary staffing needs. For further information and to discuss how TRS’s RPO could benefit your business please contact your regional branch here