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Select For Candidates

TRS Select is managed and operated by a number of dedicated senior consultants located across the primary TRS offices. We deliver 100% customer focus and take the utmost care in the advice given to our candidates.

Working on a 'one-to-one' basis, we find the job and client who are the right fit to our candidate's career needs and aspirations. During the process as a candidate, your consultant will provide a comprehensive strategy on presenting your skill sets, knowledge and experience to selected clients.

We understand that clients are often faced with an overwhelming volume of applicants from multiple sources, and therefore we work to deliver a quality service in an efficient time to avoid any delay in the identification of critical talent.

We specialise across several industry sectors including:

-        Energy & Chemicals

-        Rail & Infrastructure

-        Power & Renewable Energy

-        Life Sciences

-        Metals & Mining

For further information and to discuss our select services, please contact your regional branch here