The Engineering Jobs Growth in Ireland

AuthorMarion Keating
Posting date: 28 February 2019

With the Irish job market up 7% in the Fourth quarter of 2018 year on year, we look at how the Irish employment market is predicted to produce new opportunities for those seeking new roles.

50,500 people joined the workforce in Ireland according to The Labour Force Survey 2018, bringing the total employment to 2,281,300. The Irish employment sector is currently thriving with available engineering roles in sectors including infrastructure, Pharmaceuticals, and Data Centers. Planners, Quantity Surveyors and mechanical engineers are in high demand across Ireland, with a number of exciting opportunities available to them. Project Controls Engineers, mainly Project Planners can expect a wide range of job opportunities made available to them in Ireland. Also, with a well promoted skills shortage, particularly in areas of Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Cork – there is access to exciting employment opportunities for all skills and experience levels.

According to the Irish Times, “The Central Bank says it expects to see an additional 89,000 jobs created in the Irish economy over the next two years, bringing total employment to a record 2.3 million.” An influx of new opportunities for Ireland promotes a positive prediction of the next few years. Job searching is predicted to be more prosperous in all sectors. The Industrial Development Authority, who is responsible for attracting Foreign Direct Investment into Ireland, highlights that more than 55 companies have moved part of their operations from London to the Irish capital, providing further opportunities for the surrounding area. Project managers specializing in Real Estate and Infrastructure can expect a range of available roles to apply themselves to, as the increase in structural development demands are on the rise with a need for skilled workers.

Opportunities are also being generated within airport and utility industries. The BBC news explains that “the Irish government has already announced plans for an extra 1,000 customs and veterinary staff to work at Dublin and Rosslare ports and at airports”. They are also promoting that roles will also include training in order to reduce the current skills gap in the area, as are many other industries. The introduction of new positions across varying sectors means that many who have worked or have an education within engineering, construction and infrastructure roles will have a greater range of employment opportunities ahead of them. These opportunities are also available to those who are currently mechanical and electrical engineers looking for a career change to planning roles; the same applies for those who are graduates or juniors within the industry.

We can clearly see an optimistic outlook for Jobs in Ireland. With employment levels already on the rise from previous years, many can remain hopeful that workers can obtain reliable roles and increase their industry experience across areas in Ireland. The latest jobs in Ireland can potentially be a prosperous experience for workers of all levels.

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