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Benefits of Outsourcing Engineering Recruitment

Benefits of Outsourcing Engineering Recruitment

Wednesday Feb 18, 2015

Recruitment costs time, money and resources. But who knows better than someone inside the company exactly what you're looking for in a candidate?

That may be true. But recruitment is a specialist skill, and selecting the right candidate is often far more difficult than it looks. And where do you take your pool of potential employees from? An open recruitment process casts a wide net, and that means bringing a lot of inappropriate candidates with it.

Keeping your recruitment process in-house may seem like the natural, logical thing to do. But the reasons cited above should be enough to at least consider outsourcing. Let's take a look at the advantages of outsourcing your engineering recruitment.

Time, money and resources

Recruitment is expensive. Not necessarily in a direct, bottom-line way, but in the productivity lost by allocating existing resources. Although the bulk of a new hire's cost comes from the integration time i.e. how long it takes from them to get up to speed and justify their salary – the process itself has a direct impact too.

Using existing staff to take on recruitment means diverting them away from their day-to-day roles, which means lost productivity – and lost earnings. This can be particularly debilitating for small organisations where every person is irreplaceable. Conversely, outsourcing engineering recruitment also means that staff can continue to concentrate on their core job role.

Quality of candidates

If you recruit in-house, who are your staff going to see? Most in-house recruiting means putting out a general advert and sifting through all the responses one by one. Going through every CV takes time, and spotting gold is a skill your staff may not have, unless they have significant hiring experience.

A key advantage of outsourcing to a professional engineering recruitment company is a pre-existing pool of candidates. An already finely tuned, pre-sifted database, evaluated by people whose day-to-day job is matching candidates with job roles. 

Speeding up the process

Recruitment can be a long-winded process. It takes time to select and interview candidates, not to mention discuss the findings. That's valuable time where you may have no one performing that job role. A significant benefit of outsourcing engineering recruitment is speed.

That same database means that, in theory, you can specify your requirements for the job and receive a pre-selected shortlist of suitable candidates, significantly reducing the time it takes to post an advert, wait for responses, go through tens, hundreds of applications and interview the best fits.

Engineering is a specialised field. So is recruitment. Finding the right candidate is essential for getting the job done well. And who better to do that than people who specialise in finding the right candidate? Leave your engineers to engineer. Let the recruiters do the recruiting.

The TRS Full Scale Outsourcing (BPO) service can support your business in an off-shore/on-shore/near-shore capacity depending on your business needs.

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