The Top Industries to Work as a HSE Engineer

Anna Holtmon-Jones our consultant managing the role
Posting date: 19 December 2016
HSE engineers are dedicated to protecting workers’ safety and promoting a secure working environment for all individuals. They are dedicated to providing technical guidance to ensure the development and improvement of environment programs, as well as minimising work-related injuries through the promotion of high standards. HSE engineers work across many industries, including manufacturing and industrial, health, occupational, and environmental.

We explore the top industries with the highest demand for HSE engineers, and have selected a number of top HSE opportunities within these industries that we typically recruit for – all of which you can apply for today if the position is available. Alternatively, you can contact us for future opportunities for these roles coming up by submitting your query here.

Where is there a demand for HSE engineers?

Oil, Gas and Chemicals Industry

The biggest demand for HSE engineers is undoubtedly offshore, or any other part of the world where there is a considerable amount of oil being produced, due to the risks involved. HSE is one of the most prevalent skillsets within this sector – this makes safety engineers highly desirable. As a result, there are ample opportunities for HSE engineers within the oil, gas and chemicals industry, currently more than any other industry.

  • What HSE jobs are there in this industry?

From America to Malaysia, there are a wide range of HSE jobs available for safety engineers. For example, as a Health and Safety Specialist, you would be responsible for the overall safety and compliance strategy for a chemical plant facility. This rewarding job would entail implementing safety protocols, and assisting in developing health and safety goals, such as eliminating injuries and reducing exposures.

To find out more about this opportunity, visit the HSE Engineering Jobs in Oil, Gas and Chemicals section or contact your local office here.

Rail, Infrastructure and Construction Industry

At TRS we also have a number of HSE opportunities within rail, infrastructure and construction, which is another popular and in-demand industry. Working as a safety engineer within these fields could involve anything from managing safety policies during equipment installation, commissioning and operations, to keeping stakeholders informed and managing relationships with shared services divisions.

  • What HSE jobs are there in this industry?

You could work as a Safety Manager who deals with performing safety audits and following up on any corrective action, administering the use of safety equipment/clothing, and developing project specific site safety plans and an emergency response plan.

Alternatively, you could go into site safety – as part of this role you would implement management systems, discuss safety aspects of any given project with the client, and ensure that correct policies and procedures are in place.  

To find out more about these opportunities, visit the HSE Engineering Jobs in Rail, Infrastructure and Construction section or contact your local office here.

Mining Industry

Mining Industry is another big industry within HSE. At visits to mines, HSE engineers strive to ensure that management systems are in place in order to address any problems that may exist, in order to minimise the potential for injury or other loss. HSE job roles vary within this field, from site management to mine safety supervision.

  • What HSE jobs are there in this industry?

A typical job role could be a Health, Safety & Environmental Site Manager – this position involves preventing human injury, environmental degradation, and unsafe working conditions/practices. A Site Manager would be committed to the protection of the environment, as well as the productivity of the company’s employees.

To find out more about this opportunity, visit the HSE Engineering Jobs in Mining section or contact your local office here.

What industry should an HSE engineer go into?

As an HSE engineer, you have the luxury of choosing what industry you are most suited to and best fits your career aspirations. As has been made evident, the offshore oil industry is a huge sector for HSE jobs and opportunities and would be an ideal industry for those looking for current, in-demand roles. Similarly, the rail, infrastructure and construction, and mining industries have a wide range of HSE job roles available and are also worth exploring. Our knowledge and expertise at TRS can help match you with the best quality HSE roles depending on your skillset and preferred industry.

To find out more about each of the HSE job roles mentioned, and to explore opportunities within other industries, browse the full listing of HSE jobs in engineering here.

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