Senior Risk Manager


  1. Oil Gas and Chemical
  2. Engineering and Project Management
  3. Permanent
  4. Antwerp

For one of our clients in the Oil, Gas and Chemical sector we are currently looking for a Senior Risk Manager / Project Manager. In this role you to travel often to India.


General job description

Ever project fails to some degree, so if the company does not actively identify and mitigate risks during the entire life of a project, some of these risks will crystallise into events and impact on the project outcome. And therefore targets will be missed. Despite all best efforts some risks still get through so set up the project organisation to spot them at the earliest opportunity and with the capacity to recover the situation as quickly as possible.



The role of Risk Manager is not a tick-box exercise but requires searching in breadth and depth into the project. It is a staged process to match the phase of the project as the risk profile changes:

  • Front end planning to set project up to succeed
  • Preparedness and readiness for execution
  • Monitor actual delivery vs plan and intervene as appropriate at earliest opportunity
  • Use observation, KPIs, incidents, events, meetings, interviews to make determinations
  • Force the honest conversations to root out denial mentality.
  • Show true commitment in delivering the project as sanctioned, under the terms approved by EXCO.
  • The Risk Manager is equally invested into the project (and its success) than the Project / Program Director. They share same objectives and shall be judged on the actuals results equally.
  • Is ready at all times to step into the role of Project Director if requested, as part of succession planning, assurance & back up possibilities.



  • Master’s degree in engineering, preferably chemical, process or mechanical
  • Have been in leadership positions in projects and/or contractor organizations/departments
  • Highly developed multicultural and organisational awareness 


Knowledge and experience

  • Be an experienced senior manager of 15+ years’ experience
    o from an operations background
    o with project management experience inn large projects (> 25m)
  • Have equal status to the SPA (project director/manager) for project delivery
  • Be able to report hierarchically to the Vice President Engineering & Project Management
  • Be able to report functionally to the project Steerco team chair
  • Understand project phasing (FEL / Execution / Start-up) and the typical projects risks
  • Be willing to be 100% dedicated to large projects (>200 M$/€) for the duration of the project
  • Be willing to apply the wide freedom to operate (sweeper/ la libero role)
  • Be able to counter positive project bias with the fear of failure
  • Teamwork proven also in different cultures


Technical skills

  • Project management & tools
  • Engineering & Procurement management
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning & Start-up management
  • Risk management
  • IPA & CII best practices
  • Understanding of chemical / (co)polymer operations


Competencies, Behavioral skills

  • Results orientation:
    o Constructively challenges status quo to reach successful results
    o Persistently strives for achievement even under difficult circumstances
    o Explores alternatives to ensure success
    o Role model for continuous improvement and encourages others to seek improvements
  • Entrepreneurship:           
    o Demonstrates creativity and initiative
    o Is able to weigh the risks and opportunities
    o Is decisive under pressure and in unclear situations
  • Valuing & respecting people:
    o Proactive team player; is sensitive to the different capabilities of team members
    o Is able to recognize conflicts and take necessary actions
    o Is able to lead a diverse team
    o Is comfortable working with employees from different backgrounds
    o Is accepted by others in a leadership role even without formal authority
  • Reliability & Responsibility:
    o Actively works to improve the level of reliability of his/her area of responsibility
    o Ensures compliance in his/her area of responsibility
    o Is consistent in his/her behavior and acts as a role model
    o Focuses on achieving appropriate quality and sustainability of his/her area of responsibility


Are you the driven Risk Manager we are looking for? Do you recognize yourself in this profile and are you curious about this job? We are happy to meet you! Please contact Danny Pol via +31 (0)10 478 75 05 for more information or send your resume and motivation to



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