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How Can You Benefit from an Engineering Managed Service Program?

How Can You Benefit from an Engineering Managed Service Program?

Monday Oct 23, 2017

It’s not always straightforward to recruit high quality engineering professionals, especially given the current skill shortages within the industry. At TRS, we’ve devised a solution to tackle this problem and ensure that you receive the best possible experience when managing the hiring of contract or temporary labour.

Our Engineering Managed Service Program ensures that we understand your business requirements by working with you closely to establish industry trends and identify your workforce needs.

What does our Engineering Managed Service Program involve?

Our Engineering Managed Service Program involves creating a staffing solution which enables you to manage your core business needs. As our recruitment specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable in all of the industries that we staff, we can provide the expertise needed to find the right candidates for your organisation.

In addition, you will have your very own dedicated contact at TRS who will manage processes such as: agency management, payroll management, recruitment and/or HR process outsourcing, recruitment campaigns and any legal issues that may arise.

Our overall aim is to advance your savings and asset protection, whilst maximising your efficiencies and quality. We achieve this by determining your program objectives from the outset, and ensuring that your goals are tracked and advanced through our service level agreements (SLA).

Our solution also includes the following:

  • Candidate sourcing and attraction
  • Talent pool management of available and well-skilled candidates
  • On-boarding and introductions
  • Management reporting

What will you gain from our Engineering Managed Service Program?

  • Competitive market rates

Through our well established local and international supply chain in agency management, we can offer you exclusive and competitive market rates. This will result in significant cost savings, as well as enhanced overall process efficiency.

  • Increased productivity

By allowing us to streamline the recruitment process for you, you can benefit from increased productivity as we will free up valuable time and resources. By sourcing credible candidates who will add value to your organisation, you will also enjoy increased efficiency within your workforce.

  • Reduced in-house administration

By outsourcing administrative duties to TRS, we will reduce the responsibilities associated with recruiting engineering professionals. This allows you to focus on managing your core business going forward.

  • A strong relationship with clear objectives

We will outline clear objectives from the start of the program that you want to achieve, and monitor these goals throughout. The solutions we design are created with you and sustained through changing economies and countries, continuing to add value throughout the course of our working relationship.

Why choose TRS for your recruitment needs?

Our goal is to become a part of your business and work in partnership with you to meet your contract and temporary staffing needs. With a pool of recruitment professionals who are extremely knowledgeable in attracting and sourcing the perfect candidates, TRS is well positioned to understand your business and assess your staffing requirements. By utilising our supplier base and offering you the onsite support that you require, we will also work with you to reduce any contractual risk.

To find out more about how we can help you recruit more effectively, visit our Engineering Managed Service Program page. Alternatively, you can contact your regional branch here to discuss your business requirements.

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