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Interesting QA and QC Jobs in Engineering

Interesting QA and QC Jobs in Engineering

Friday Nov 25, 2016

Not all QA and QC jobs in engineering are the same – in fact, some may just surprise and delight you. At TRS, we pride ourselves on the scope of our jobs within engineering, as well as the vast amount of opportunities in locations all over the world.

From automotive and mining, to pharmaceuticals and food and beverage, QA and QC jobs span a wide range of industries. At TRS you will always be able to find interesting QA and QC jobs in engineering - our opportunities span from quality assurance to civil inspector. We have selected a number of QA/QC opportunities that we typically recruit for, all of which you can apply for today if the position is available or contact us for future opportunities for these roles coming up. Submit your query here.

Engineering Opportunity: Historic Preservation Specialist

Historic preservation is an evolving field, that concerns the protection of cultural heritage – this could be through the restoration of documents, buildings, and any artefacts with historic worth. As a preservation specialist, you would be entrusted to evaluate and preserve what is historically valuable, in order to make it available to the public.

Opportunity for a Historic Preservation Specialist (Environment) is a particularly interesting example of working within QA and QC in engineering. Working in sunny Los Angeles, California, this role has a number of exciting activities that vary from day to day.  

What makes this opportunity interesting?

This particular role involves working on a long-term basis with a team of experienced professionals on matters such as historic document reviews, and historic consultant management reviews. It also involves preparing historic assessments for the District’s campuses, as well as completing the District’s historic resource inventory that was initially undertaken by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) following the 1994 earthquake.
To find out more about this opportunity visit the QA and QC Engineering Jobs section or contact your local office here.

Engineering Opportunity: Quantity Surveyor

A career in quantity surveying is ideal for individuals with a practical and numerical mind, as this role delves into managing costs relating to building and civil engineering projects. Typically, a quantity surveyor would be involved with a project from the outset, preparing estimates and monitoring any variables that may affect costings.

There is an array of jobs in this field, such as the current (November 2016) QA and QC Quantity Surveyor job role in Sunninghill, South Africa. From preparing cost plans for projects to minimising these costs along the way, this role focuses on enhancing value for money, while ensuring projects meet all quality assurance requirements.

What makes this opportunity interesting?

This role involves taking a lead role in interfacing with contacts during every stage of a project, and developing appropriate control budgets consistent with the project estimate. This opportunity also allows for managing and ownership of preparation of Bills of Quantities and Preambles for tenders and contracts in the appropriate measurement method.
To find out more about this opportunity visit the QA and QC Engineering Jobs section or  contact your local office here.

Engineering Opportunity: Quality Engineer

A career in quality engineering is both fulfilling and important, as it governs manufacturing processes and testing procedures that ensure products accomplish quality standards and regulations. Working alongside manufacturers and developers, quality engineers are crucial for developing and initiating standards and methods for inspection, testing and evaluation.

This unique job role in Guadalajara, Mexico is for a major international company engaged in the manufacture of plastic products for the health and automotive industry.

What makes this opportunity interesting?

Asides from working for a leading manufacturing company, this job role involves providing technical support for manufacturing features, products and problems in inspections, as well as being the interface with production tooling and engineering to determine the cause of quality problems, corrective action plan and implementation.

To find out more about each of these exciting career roles, and to explore other opportunities available check out the full listing of QA and QC jobs in engineering here where you can apply today. Interested in more general engineering jobs? Then take a look at our latest engineering jobs, with a range of worldwide roles to suit all career aspirations.

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