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Home > News > News: Solar and Wind Energy could be stored in CO2

News: Solar and Wind Energy could be stored in CO2

News: Solar and Wind Energy could be stored in CO2

Thursday Apr 12, 2018

According to the International Energy Agency, 35.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide was released into the atmosphere in 2017. The burning of fossil fuels facilitates 70% of global energy demands, suggesting that this method of energy consumption will continue into the future.

Carbon Capture Technology is a new method in which power plants can reduce their emissions. The Petra Nova power plant is a clear example of this; it has managed to store more than 1 million tons of carbon from going into the atmosphere in its first nine months of activity. Scientists have deliberated the possibility of converting this stored CO2 into other molecules that can create fuels to store energy generated from Renewable energy technology. One of the authors of the article explains “We're taking energy and CO2 and converting it into things we can use."

Practical applications of CO2 conversion could reduce emissions into the atmosphere, it could also reduce oil and gas demands by producing chemical feedstock currently derived from oil and gas. CO2 collection can also positively impact the environment regarding plastic pollution and the recycling process. Another co-author states “it's theoretically possible and feasible... If we continue to work at this, it's a matter of time before we have power plants where CO2 is emitted, captured, and converted”


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