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Why Outsource your Statement of Work?

Why Outsource your Statement of Work?

Friday May 4, 2018

Why Outsource your Statement of Work?

At TRS, we understand that dealing with contracts, suppliers, and delivery of work can be an arduous and time-consuming process. That’s why we offer a Statement of Work (SOW) Management Service, with the goal of eliminating risk and maximising returns by contractually defining project scope, objective, timelines, and deliverables.

What do you receive as part of this service?

Each statement of work has its own category, as there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ management solution. We work in partnership with you to create a bespoke statement of work based on your requirements. The following areas are just some of the areas typically addressed within your SOW:

  • Scope of work – This outlines what work needs to be done, and the technology/software that will be used within the project.
  • Location of work – This is where staff and equipment will be located when the project starts.
  • Period of performance – This specifies the time allowed for projects, including starting and finishing times, and the number of hours to be billed per week or month.
  •  Applicable standards – This outlines any engineering specific stands that need to be adhered to in completing the contract.
  • Special requirements – This specifies any requirements that the project will depend on, such as skill sets, technology and travel requirements.


The benefits of outsourcing your SOW

  • Spend visibility

We’ll help you gain complete transparency on your finances throughout the project, to ensure you know where your investment is going. This includes a payment schedule covering a breakdown of budgets and payments which is agreed at the start of the project, giving full visibility of finances.

  • Compliance with Government regulations

Our unrivalled experience in creating statements of work means we are well placed to understand and adhere to third-party management policies and Government regulations. We use this knowledge to inform our documentation and ensure that all guidelines are met.  

Your organisation will also gain the following from working with TRS:

  • Supplier performance strategies
  • Strategic category spend management
  • Worker tracking
  • Compliance reporting and benchmarking
  • Financial and operational controls

Why should TRS run this service for you?

We will work with you to create a statement of work that fulfills your business requirements and needs. By working together, we can solve any issues that may arise during the initial stages of this process and approach these to outline any necessary planning and data gathering.

For more information on how we can help you craft a statement of work, visit our Statement of Work (SOW) page. Alternatively, you can contact your regional branch here to discuss your business requirements.