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TRS has a history that dates back to 1984 and shortly after, in 1994, we established ourselves in South Africa. We rose to the challenge of supplying crucial skills to a developing country at the start of a mining boom. ​From our Johannesburg office, we supply skilled professionals to all sectors of the mining industry and across all commodities.

Our head office in South Africa – based in Johannesburg – provide a seamless staffing service to the mining companies in surrounding regions and ensure that permitting, badging, VISA and other requirements are met. The team of experts in South Africa have the specialised knowledge and insight to help you propel your business forward. Yet, being an external team, we’re able to provide objective and unbiased guidance which is essential in order to create a more productive workforce.


TRS South Africa has become our African Foundation, allowing us to tap into our global network of talent and supply candidates to the right project and the right country. We source skilled professionals who are capable of ensuring seamless end-to-end project developments and overseeing expansions.


We recruit for the following roles:

Project Manager / Site Manager

Construction Manager

General Superintendent

SHE Manager

SHE Officer

Quality Manager

Turnover Technician

Civil/Earthworks Superintendent

Electrical Superintendent

Mechanical Superintendent

Document Controller

HR Manager

Lead Planner

Construction Planner

Contract Administrator


Contract staffing

Our comprehensive and flexible staffing services are designed so that we can meet the variable workforce needs of our clients. Using contract staff for projects gives you better flexibility, choice, quality and cost efficiency, but managing this as a part of your talent strategy can be complex. Our contract staffing services cover the entire process from searching and screening to selecting and mobilisation. By partnering with TRS we’ll help to fill your contract roles more quickly whilst ensuring that the quality of staff you hire is top-level.


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The timeline to recruit and mobilise employees can be a lengthy and complex process, especially for those hard-to-fill roles. We help our clients reduce their time to hire and much more. Whatever your staffing needs, whether you need advice on sustaining employee engagement, expanding your existing workforces’ skillset or highlighting talent shortages, TRS want to help. Our team of experts are on hand to assist with permanent hiring as well as understanding your project hire staffing needs. Contact our Johannesburg office to discuss your business requirements.


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